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Christmas is an exhilarating time of year, a time of expectations, parties, gathering with family - shopping, but it’s also a time of searching for many people. What ARE these things called hope, peace, and joy the Christmas carols talk about? It sure can’t be found in all the tinsel, festivities and gifts we receive or even the excitement of the…read more

A time to remember all year

When you think of Christmas decorations what comes to mind? Probably a lot of things, but surely a Christmas tree. They are so popular that.most stores are even setting up displays as early as mid-October. While the trees may be just a decoration or business for some people, for the Believer they hold a special meaning. But it wasn’t always the case. On this program, Barbara Sandbek shares some of the history behind the Christmas tree as we know it today.

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Barbara Sandbek has been taking us on a journey with the prophet Elijah. We’ve seen how God worked IN Elijah to groom his faith, and make him a man for the times, and how God worked THROUGH Elijah to call his unfaithful people, Israel, back to Himself. We’ve seen Elijah at his best at the Mt. Carmel showdown, and at his worst when he retreated from Queen Jezebel’s threat. On this program, Barbara will conclude this series, with a lesson from Elijah’s final days, and a summary of what we’ve learned from his life.

Just say 'thanks'!

God gave mankind the finest gift that could EVER be given. He SAW our need before we knew it and before we even asked. We were living our lives apart from Him, but God’s heart LONGED for our fellowship, so He commended His love to us through the gift of His Son, Jesus. Jesus STRETCHED OUT His hands on the cross to give us God’s love. He died and rose from the grave, to pay the penalty for our sin against God and to provide reconciliation. When we accept this gift, we have fellowship with God. What greater gift could we possibly want? On this Grace Notes program, our host Barbara Sandbek will talk about how we should respond to this great gift.

Testing precedes blessing

On our last program Barbara Sandbek talked about Elijah’s discouragement over Queen Jezebel’s threat to take his life. We saw how misplaced confidence, misplaced armor, misplaced energy,missed prayer, and missed rest, all contributed to bring him to the valley of despair. On this program,, Barbara will share a time in her life when she, too, faced discouragement.

Why the discouragement?

On this Grace Notes program, Barbara Sandbek will follow the prophet Elijah as he moves from his mountaintop experience, to the valley of depression. We’ll see what caused this seasoned man of God to succumb to the temptation to lose hope.

ELIJAH - a man for the times

Persistence in prayer pays off

On our last progra, Barbara Sandbek took us to the showdown at Mt. Carmel, where Elijah, the lone prophet, single handedly, with the help of God, defeated the 450 prophets of Baal. It was not only a victory for him, but it finally convinced the Israelites that Jehovah is God. Baal, considered to be the Lord of the rain clouds, was powerless to give rain, even after the ecstatic raving of his prophets. What a dramatic demonstration of Baal’s impotence. With simplicity and dignity, Elijah rested his case on the certainty that the Lord would answer his prayer. Why? Because there is strength, power, and hope in the name of Lord.


Barbara Sandbek has been taking us on a journey with the prophet Elijah. As God’s spokesman, Elijah was called to deliver God’s unpopular message of doom to Ahab, the King of Israel. He told him that there would be no rain or dew on the land until he said so. After his speech, he followed God’s orders and hid in the wilderness for a time. From there God sent him to Zarephath where he learned the power of prayer, and the power experienced through waiting on God. During this 3 ½ year period, God blossomed Elijah’s faith. Now God has given Elijah his marching orders to go back to Ahab and finish the task he started – to bring revival to the land.

The waiting period - a must

Barbara Sandbek has been following the life and works of the prophet Elijah. We’ve seen him travel from a palace, to a wilderness, and then to a pagan land. God has protected him from the wrath of a king, provided for him through a wild raven and a starving widow, and has powerfully wakened the widow’s son from death. Elijah’s faith has grown as a result of his obedience. Now he’s ready to face Ahab again, and do the job these experiences have groomed him to do – that of calling the Israelites back to God.

ELIJAH - a man for the times - God’s Glory increases our Faith

Barbara Sandbek has been following the prophet Elijah on his ‘BOARDWALK’ of life. Elijah seems to have a MONOPOLY on receiving God’s prophetic word and seeing His promises fulfilled. He LANDED first at a palace. To avoid being sent ‘DIRECTLY TO JAIL’ by King Ahab when he told him of God’s impending punishment, he fled into a wilderness. There he was fed from the COMMUNITY CHEST by a raven. When his WATER WORKS dried up, he moved to a pagan city, where he took the CHANCE to trust God to provide his needs through a starving widow. This certainly wasn’t the HIGH RENT DISTRICT, but he didn’t have to pay rent at any of these places - God gave him FREE PARKING. The widow ‘ROLLED DOUBLES’ when she obeyed Elijah’s command to make a cake for him, first, and then for herself and her son. God kept his promise. There was enough food for ALL of them until the rain came. Elijah may feel like HE’S been winning the monopoly game so far, but this next faith test will show him that God is in control, especially when he comes to the end of his resources. On this program, we’ll hear about another miracle God performed for the widow. This one will finally cause her to believe.

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