Audience With The Father

What is it to know the Father? How well can we know Him, and what is the way by which we can know Him?

The Songwriter's God

Where does the song in the heart come from? And what does the song sung to God consist of, and why?

The Imminent Power Of The Gospel

Why does the message of the gospel possess the power of God to save, and to deliver? Is it just as powerful today as in the past?

The Conquest And The Conqueror

What is the great conquest of life? And how is one to become and remain a conqueror?

Teach Me Thy Way O Lord

And how shall we know God, except by His ways?

O Lord, What Will You Do

What does God desire to do? Have we asked Him?

Justice For The Nations

What is true justice? And how has it been, and will it be, revealed in the earth. Christ is the standard and the essence of all that is right.

The Spiritual Discipline Of Prayer

Essential to communion is the spiritual discipline of prayer. Christ died that we might have communion with Him. Prayer is a means to faith, that we might know Him.

Sure Of One's Calling

How is a believer to be sure of his or her calling? Is it possible to be very clear and convinced concerning one's calling?

Steps To Faith

God provides us steps to faith, those truths and circumstances, which steady us in the storm, and enable us to rise above the fray. What are those steps, and how are they to be implemented?

In The Company Of Fishermen

God always looks on the heart, not on the outward appearance. When He looks into our hearts, what does He see? He looks not for greatness, but for the heart which will believe in His greatness.

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