As I Have Loved You

What is the difference between the love of man, and that of God? The difference is as great as a perfect God is different from sinful man. Love is at the pinnacle of God's revelation to man. It is also the power for living, and glorifying God. We are to love with this love of God, by the Spirit.

The Vision That Changes Everything

What does it take to change everything? From heaven's standpoint, it is the vision of God, specifically, the vision of the glorified Christ. He is revealed in the Old and New Testaments in His glory. Such a vision puts all else in perspective concerning the true purpose of life on this earth, for time and eternity.

The Unquenchable Thirst

What is the greatest, God-given thirst, that we can possibly have? It is that thirsting after God, to know and love Him. He gives it in order to realize it in our lives...this is certain.

The Purpose, The Provision, And The Power

With the calling of God comes the knowledge that He has a purpose, and that He has provided for the realization of that purpose. Though God's workings are sometimes mysterious, yet with regard to His purpose, there is nothing so sure as His provision and power.

The Difference Maker

In the realm of the Spirit, what changes things in this world, and in the lives of individuals? It is the spoken word of God. It is that objective word of God that God speaks by the Spirit to our hearts, in order to meet the deep needs of the heart. His word, living word, changes things.

By The Power Of God

Essential to every endeavor in the Christian life, is the quiet power of God working in and through the believer. Speaking and preaching is to be power of the Spirit...and so is all that is done, in the will of God. Power is the provision of God.

And Where Be All His Miracles

The Lord is committed to making men and women of faith in the hearts and lives of those who are seeking Him. How? By bringing us all to rely upon Him and Him alone in circumstances where He alone can meet us. And this He will do.

The Singular Object Of Trust

Why is the call to faith all-encompassing? Does it have to do with the true knowledge of the object of trust?

The Sinfulness Of Sin

What is the measure of the awfulness and horror of sin? How can it be fathomed? By the suffering of men, or by the spotless Lamb of God on Calvary? The true perception changes life forever.

The Calling Of God

What is the calling of God? Is it specific? What should the knowledge of it do to influence the life?

Saved All Day Long

It is one thing to believe God to save us from sin and is another to trust Him do do so daily, and in an ever-increasing manner.

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