The Context And Content Of Commitment

What does the word commitment mean? With regard to God, what does it mean? How is it to be realized in our lives? Is God willing and able to bring us to a true and lasting commitment to Him?

He Leads Me

Does God lead us? How can we know? What is His purpose in revealing to us His gracious leading in our lives?

When You Pray

What does it mean to pray, and to pray effectively? God's way and means in the matter of prayer are clearly given to us in Scripture. Who will seek to know and practice them, for His glory?

The Paradox Of Joy

No man took Jesus' joy from Him because there was that inseparable union between Him and the Father. It is Christ's joy, received from the Father, that enabled Him to endure the cross...a joy that was set before Him. The believer is called to know this joy.

Steel In The Soul

What does it take to follow Christ, to live a life of faith, in the face of difficulty and misunderstanding? It takes "steel in the soul." To follow Christ is to have a heart of compassion for others, but also, HIS steel in the soul, His resolve in the face of difficulty and opposition. It is to be a gift received from heaven.

God's Choosing Of Weak Things

Why does God choose weak things in the eyes of the world, in order to accomplish His purposes? It is because there are very few to who He can entrust His glory. He knows the proud person afar off, but He gives grace to the humble.

Called To Be Filled

Christ died on Calvary that we should not only be forgiven for all of our sins, but that we should be filled with His life by the Spirit. We are thus called to be filled with His Spirit.

And The Spirit Moved

God only does the work of God. It is for this reason that the ministry of the Holy Spirit is so very important. Scripture tells us that it is not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of God.

The Whole Heart Of God

The love of God is revealed by the fact that He loves wholly!! In giving His Son to die for us, He gave Him wholly. O Lord, give us grace to grasp that the Divine Love has no comparison to that of earth, but can be known in Christ by the Spirit.

The Unprevailing Gates Of Hell

The victory of Christ by His resurrection, not only revealed His power over the grave, but His absolute power over the enemy of our souls. He conquered every enemy, overcoming them by the precious blood of the cross, and the power of the Spirit.

The Truth And The Spirit

What are the essential elements in God's dealings with man? The first is the absolute truth of God, as seen in Scripture and in Christ. He, through the creation, and in particular, in Christ, has declared to us Himself. Secondly, it is the Spirit of God, that Spirit of truth and LIFE. It is the Spirit that communicates to us the very life of Christ.

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