The Eternal Lamb Of God

The Eternal Lamb of God, worthy to be worshiped by the redeemed of all ages, remains this day, our very assurance and certainty of a salvation that is perfect, complete, and unchanging.

The Confirmation Of God

God confirms His work, and His ways, by His works. Are we attentive to His works in His word, and in the world?

Seeking Things Above

The Christian's life is forever in heaven IN CHRIST, and yet, Christ, by His Spirit resides in the heart of the believer on this earth. Herein is our great purpose, to KNOW Him, and make Him known.

An Honorable Vessel

What is an honorable vessel in the sight of God? Certainly one that is clean, filled with the Spirit, living according to the purpose of God.

Those Blessed Of God

The blessing of God is not only positional IN CHRIST. We are created in Christ to know the blessedness of His indwelling life.

The Quiet Power Of The Indestructible Life

The great, and quiet, reality of the believer, a new creation in Christ, is that he or she has been placed IN Christ, in an everlasting union with Him. His power has become theirs, and will be theirs in experience by faith.

The Imperative Of Possessing Christ

We are created in Christ Jesus to possess Christ in His fullness, according to the capacity that God gives. All is possible by the Spirit of God.

The Amazing Gospel

The gospel is amazing because it comes from heaven...designed in the heart of God, to save men for eternity. It's power resides in the One who made it, and has given it to man to believe.

Spiritual Leverage

How can the enemy of our souls have, and use leverage against us in our walk with Christ, and in the spiritual warfare?

For God So Loved

Heavenly LOVE, as opposed to that of man, and earth...what is the difference?

What Is Man That You Are Mindful Of Him

Why does God even take notice of man, and of the individual? It is because of WHO He is in His love and goodness. Surely, there is none like unto the Lord Jesus.

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