Drawing Near To God

What does it mean to draw near to God? How is this possible since God is already near, even closer than the very air that we breathe? The experience of His nearness is made real as He reveals Himself to the heart and soul. How does He do this? It is out of life of worship in Spirit and truth, that the Lord Jesus makes His presence known. He dr…read more

Christ's Free Spirit

The only truly free person who has lived on this earth has been the Lord Jesus Christ. Why? He was not constrained or limited by the sinful, selfish nature of man. Though confronted often by Satan, He remained absolutely free from his control and dominion. Christ was free from all men, as he was the absolute, devoted Son of the Father. His freedom was as great as the love that He knew, and gave.

The Power Of The Offensive

There is no passivity in the Christian life. There is quietness of spirit, and the blessed calm of the peace of God, but the believer is called to active faith. He is at the same time a runner, soldier, farmer, and servant. In that place of blessed peace of mind and heart, there is holy action, in the will of God.

The Abounding Grace Of God

When God speaks of His abounding grace, of what is He speaking? With regard to the amount, there is the measure that He gives according to our faith. With respect to the word, "grace," what more can one do but to look at the heart of God who looks beyond our faults and failures, to see and answer our need. It is out of the goodness of His heart that the abundance comes.

Seeking And Finding Things Above

Is it possible with feet of clay, to receive things from above, where Christ sits at the right hand of God? Does not the Almighty, Eternal Christ, hear the call of the heart, and recognize the seeking soul. The believer is called to actively seek, in prayer and faith, things which are above, and to KNOW the sufficiency, and faithfulness of Christ who provides.

Regaining One's Feet

The believer, though he be a good soldier, is not a perfect one. There are blows and attacks of the enemy, even one's own weaknesses, which at times, cause him to stumble, even fall, in his attitude of faith. Faith is tried at times, in order to purify it. The great assurance of the believer is the knowledge that Christ will never leave, nor forsake him. In union with Christ forever, He hears the cry of the heart, and the Spirit strengthens the soul to rise again, regaining one's feet.

Meeting God In The Morning

What does it mean to meet God in the morning? What does it mean to truly draw near to God? God has provided perfectly, and eternally, in Christ, for the believer to KNOW the reality of being accepted in the Beloved, and the nearness of God's presence. Christ, by His Spirit, speaks through the word of God when the individual believer comes aside alone to truly seek Him.

By Faith Not By Sight

The call of God to man, with regard to the revelation of the glory of God in nature, and in the Lord Jesus, is that of faith, faith in the faithfulness of God. To the one who will call upon God in sincerity and honesty, God will answer, giving to that one faith to come, and receive His grace and mercy...and the blessing of eternal life.

The King Of The Kingdom

Who is the King of glory, but Christ? And who possesses all the power and authority, in heaven and earth, to rule in His kingdom? None other than Christ the King. He is revealed to man, so that man will come to trust Him fully, and submit to His authority entirely. This is great fatih.

The Everlasting Faithfulness Of God

What is the faithfulness of God, and how can we know it? It is that characteristic of the nature of God whereby He commits Himself to fulfill every word that proceeds out of His mouth. His promises are stepping stones of discovery, with regard to His faithfulness. Can He find in us those who will trust His faithfulness, and be faithful ourselves.

The Eternal Blessing And Response

All that God does is eternal. His blessing of men is no exception. That which He requires of men is a response to His overtures to trust and obey Him. The man who truly sees, and grasps the blessing of God is that one who is truly thankful, going forward, following Christ.

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