The Greatest Race

What is the greatest race? What is the objective? How is it to be run? And where does the strength come from to run it? God gives the clear answer in His word.

Perpetual Patters Of Faith

God has given us in His word many examples of lives lived, in particular those who have had faith. It is by their example, and the knowledge of God that they acquired, that we are both inspired, and directed. The faith of those believers inspires us to believe God to do the wonderful thing today.

Instruction And Guidance From God

Does God truly instruct us and guide us in the way we should go? Numerous are the promises in the word of God that assure us of the fact of God's intervention in our lives, to show us the way, enabling us to follow Christ. He is a God of clarity and conviction, not of confusion.

And We Shall Be Changed

One aspect of the great hope of the Christian, is that after he or she goes to be with the Lord, a new body, a spiritual body will be given them. It is different from an earthly body, as it is a spiritual, heavenly body, one that is not subject to time, decay, or anything associated with sin.

The Warfare

Is there a spiritual warfare? Is the Christian called to engage that conflict? What are the principles that govern the success in the conflict? Are we living in Christ's victory?

The Proof Of Discipleship

What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? What are the characteristics of such a disciple? Are these characteristics revealed in us, the very proof of belonging to Christ?

The Promised Land, Christ

What is the promised land? How is it that Christ is in essence the believer's promised land? Christ is the life of the believer by, and according to, the promises of God. The promised land is that place where the promises of God are realized.

The Prelude To Victory

What is true and lasting victory? Is it from heaven or does it have its origin in earth? The answer is found only in Christ, and His victory.

The Peace Of Christ, Guardian And Guide

How can one know the peace of Christ? How does His peace act as a guardian and guide?

Power To Live

What is the power to live? Where does it come from? How strong is it, and is it always available to the one who will believe in Christ?

The Thirsting Heart

How does God work to bring us to Himself, and into a greater knowledge of Him? It is by creating a thirst for Him, a consciousness of need to know Him. His way is to draw us to Himself by the blessed desire that He gives.

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