The Measure Of The Blessing Of God

What is the measure of the blessing of God? What is the mark of His blessing? And what is His greatest blessing...that endures?

The Great Things Of God

What is the criteria of declaring something truly great? And, what is the true essence of greatness?

In His Time

Time is a creation of God. He controls it, and with respect to man, He brings about His purposes according to it. The question becomes, "Can we trust Him to His time,and accomplish His work?"

All Things Possible

That which is impossible to man becomes possible with God by faith, according to truth as is in Christ.

What Is Eternally Right?

That which is eternally right is that which is by faith in Christ. This is His righteous way for sinful man to receive forgiveness and life.

The Repentance Which Comes From God

The repentance which comes from God is revealed by the cry of the heart in response to conviction of sin, and of Who Christ truly is.

The Father's Heart

There is no love like that of the Heavenly Father for His Son, the Lord Jesus. What a picture also of His love for us, IN Christ, and for the whole world.

God's Declared Determination Of God

The measure of the determination of God to save all men is seen in the depth of sorrow and suffering of the Father and the Son. This is love indeed.

The Call To Everlasting Fellowship

The call of Christ is one of fellowship with Him, now and eternally. It begins with hearing Him knocking, and our response of running to let Him in. The promise is that He WILL come in and fellowship with us, and we with Him.

God's Covenant To Man

The initiative God to provide man with the truth and means by which He can know God, has been established in His covenant. He has committed Himself to save men, and calls upon them to believe Him wholly.

The Servant's Heart

Though Christ was the King...yet He came to serve. We are called to be of like mind if we would know Him.

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