The Order Of Worship

There is an order in our approach to God, for one can only come His way. That order begins with the Lord Jesus Christ, for no one can come to the Father but by Him. But then, this way of faith is characterized by coming to Him for cleansing, strengthening, and the fresh anointing, so that with clean hands and a pure heart, we should be enabled by…read more

The Lord Your God

It is one thing to believe in God. It is quite another to believe in the only true, and living God, who has testified, and declared Himself to be both Creator and Redeemer. He it is that brought about the creation by the word of His power. It is the same God who speaks to the individual heart to make of that lost sinner a new creation in Him, in Christ. The proof of His power is not only in creation, but in the heart, transforming the believer into Christ's image by the power of His presence.

The Imminent Expectation In Prayer

What is to be the expectation of the believer in prayer? Is it not full assurance, knowing that his prayer is heard? What are the conditions for this? Is it possible? God only does wondrous things, and one of those things is to lead the believer in prayer, confirming to his soul and spirit, that what he is praying is according to the will of God, and by the Spirit.


God is ever revealing Himself to mankind. This began when He created man. He did so by creation, revealing His attributes, His power and wisdom. But when Christ came "explaining Him" by His life, words, and works, and in particularly by the cross, the revelation was about as complete as man could grasp it, and even then, man was so limited. However, He came in the flesh once to save. He will come, and be revealed in His glory, but this time to judge righteously.

God's Way Of Revelation

Natural man cannot draw near to God of his own accord, for he is dead in trespasses and sins, dead to God. It will take God drawing his heart out to Him, and giving him grace to come, that the man can be save. It is likewise true that man cannot know God apart from revelation, or that work by which God reveals Himself in truth, according to the Scriptures, to the mind and heart. Paul met Christ by revelation, and so do we. He opens our minds and hearts to recognize that it is Him, and that He is speaking or dealing with us.

The Sorrowing Christ

No one has sorrowed like Jesus Christ. We see Him at the tomb of Lazarus, with sorrowing friends around him. He sorrows for their pain and loss. He sorrows looking over Jerusalem, longing to see the blessing of God upon the city, but knowing that judgment is coming because of their rejection of Him. But upon the cross, bearing the sorrow of a lost and dying world, His sorrow reached its pinnacle when He cried, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"

The Signifcance Of The Shore

The shore is a marker, a limit where the sea cannot pass. Sometimes with the pressure and power of a storm, it shifts, but always never dissappears. It is also a marker of blessing, a place of refuge, a place of peace and fellowship with God. Why? With the panorama of greatness and beauty, in a context of quietness, Jesus called His disciples often to rest, and to hear His words. It is in the quietness that the revelation of Christ goes deep within the soul, when by the Spirit, the truths of Christ are grasped.

The Imperative Of Refocusing

Upon this earth there are many distractions, hindrances, and limitations with regard to doing the will of God, and fulfilling the purpose that God has intended. Again and again, just like the renewing of the Sabbath's rest, the believer needs to refocus, to realign himself with Christ, to take again the position of faith with the new and fresh energy of the Spirit of God. This "fresh oil" is available to every believer for the refreshing of his soul, that he or she may go forth in full assurance of faith on a daily basis.

The Imminent Coming Of Christ

The coming of Christ can be at any moment, any day. This is the teaching of Scripture. Nothing has to occur before His coming, or the church being "snatched away." to be forever with Him. He will come in physical fashion at the end of the tribulation period to set up His kingdom on this earth. But for now we are called to live in the perspective that today, we may be called homeward, heavenward. The issue is living well-pleasing to God on this earth, waiting for the blessed meeting.

The Enemy At The Gate

There is an enemy of God, one which has become the enemy of every child of God. He is an enemy which must be reckoned with, as he will seek to deceive, kill, and destroy all that is good. Christ has provided for every believer a position over this adversary, but it is only lived and known by a close communion with Christ, a submission to His authority, and a refusal to give any ground to the enemy.

Living In The Light Of Christ's Coming

How does one live in the perspective of Christ's coming? What is to be our attitude with regard to His coming, or our going to meet Him? There is present anticipation and the desire and will to be faithful. But there is the quiet seizing of every opportunity to serve Christ in the will of God, according to the calling of God, in utter reliance upon the Spirit of God. This is true waiting...looking to heaven for His appearing, and walking on this earth by faith in the Son of God, daily seeking His righteousness and the knowledge of His will.

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