Readiness For Christ's Return

What does it mean to be ready for Christ's coming? Does it not mean that there be no cloud between us and Christ, no controversy or contradiction? It means doing whatever is necessary to be free in heart and mind, soul, spirit, and body, to welcome the Lord in His fulness. Readiness is longing for Christ's return, living in communion with Him, b…read more

Knowing Christ In Daily Devotionals

Christ is known in worship, specifically in that place of aloneness with Him, trusting Him according to his faithful word. When Christ calls a person to Himself, it is a calling to fellowship with, to commune with Him. The calling is individual, personal, and profound. It is life changing. Indeed, those who would live consistently in communion with Christ, will begin to resemble Him, for one becomes like the company one keeps.

True Discipleship

What does it mean to be a true disciple of Christ, but that first of all it means belonging to Him first and foremost, by love and devotion, in response to the call of God to live for Christ, and to minister by Christ. True discipleship is the attitude and action of learning from Christ all that one can possibly learn from Him, and then, led by the Spirit, teaching that learned to others, that they might in turn teach. The true disciple begets true disciples by the Spirit, according to the truth of God's word.

The Revelation Of Christ To The Heart

What makes knowing God in Christ so very real? It is the revelation of Christ to the heart. Paul wrote that it pleased God at a certain time to reveal His Son in him. This one truth, and reality, changed the entire life of the Apostle Paul. And so it will change us, if we trust God to witness to our spirits, not only that we are His, but that He will supply every need according to His riches in glory in Christ.

The Person And Power Of The Resurrection

Why is the resurrection of Christ from the dead so very important? First and foremost, it reveals to us the divinity of Christ, that Christ is God, with the Father, and the Spirit. Secondly, it reveals to us that the last great enemy death, has been conquered, and that there is the certainty of knowing the very same power of the resurrection in order to be forever with the Lord.

The Greatest Reward

What is the greatest reward of the one who truly trusts in God, in Christ, for salvation? It is Christ Himself, the knowledge of God. The Lord Jesus spoke of true, and eternal Life as, being the knowledge of Him, and the Father, by the Spirit. To know God, and to have Christ as the ultimate goal, and even means of obtaining it, is true blessing, and the greatest reward.

The Anticipated Fruitfulness

To live by faith is to set one's hope and expectation upon God who is faithful to accomplish all that He has promised. The great challenge to faith is often that of time, and manner, for God chooses His way, time, place, and means to accomplish His will. The certainty of faith lies in the fact of God's faithfulness according to His promise.

How to Meet The Coming Flood

How is the believer to overcome, and conquer, doing the will of God and living victoriously, working for the advancement of the kingdom of God, when the clouds of adversity and opposition are on the horizon? One comes back to the basics of Christ, and Him alone, the appropriation of His life and victory. It is on the basis of Christ's finished work, and the absolute dependence upon the Spirit of God, that His power is given to overcome, and finish well the race.

The Man From The East

Isaiah speaks of a man coming from the East. He was referring in part to Cyrus the Great, who would play a significant role in the rebuilding of the temple after the deportation of Israel. There is another, more significant, man who will come from the East, and it is the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Just as Cyrus was prophesied as coming, so, and in a much greater manner and significance, will the coming of the Son of Man, Christ Himself.

The Lampstand To The World

It is God who creates lampstands, and He does so with people, churches, and nations. That which He creates is for the purpose of revealing, or showing forth, His blessed light to the world, that with the knowledge of the truth, and the glory of God, many will come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

The Keeper Of Our Souls

How is it that the believer can believe God to be his Keeper, the Keeper of his soul, as well as the One who keeps him in life? It is because of the commitment of God to the believer, and the proof of His faithfulness to keep that which is His. Add to this the Almighty power and authority of God over all the power of the enemy, even death itself. He is the only perfect Keeper of the soul.

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