Priest, Part 1

The good news of the gospel is that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was raised again on the third day. Where do we find the clearest visual presentation of this in the Old Testament? On the Day of Atonement. Find out why.

Law, Part 2

What could we compare God’s law to? Pastor Colin explains that the law is like a mentor, leading us to Jesus, and it’s like a map for the Spirit-empowered life.

Law, Part 1

What could we compare God’s law to? Pastor Colin explains that it’s like a mirror, reflecting God’s glory.

Curse, Part 2

We don’t normally think of a curse as a good thing. But the world’s first curse was an exception. Pastor Colin talks about something wonderful that will come out of it. Find out what it is.

Curse, Part 1

Life is not turning out like you hoped it would. We find all kinds of flaws and disappointments in us, and in the world around us. Pastor Colin talks about God’s explanation.

Life, Part 2

God gave Adam four incredible gifts, and what God did for Adam in the garden, He does for us today. Pastor Colin talks about four gifts God gave to Adam, and that He gives to each of us.

Life, Part 1

Either you are an accident of history or you were created. Many people have never really considered this. But what you believe about where you come from will impact on how you live.

Dead Men Walking, Part 2

“Grace” means more than God making salvation possible. Grace is God saving you. Pastor Colin talks about out how He does it, and once you see this, you will have hope for even the worst of sinners.

Dead Men Walking, Part 1

If all God did was open the door of salvation and step back, who would walk through it? No one. Pastor Colin talks about why we don’t have it in us to take a step toward God.

Children of Wrath, Part 2

Why did Jesus come into the world? And why did he die on the cross? Pastor Colin talks about why it had to happen. Examine the most important question you could ever ask.

Children of Wrath, Part 1

Why are Christians always talking about the “problem” of sin? Pastor Colin will talk about some of the bigger problems we face in life, and the “biggest” problem that any of us will ever face.

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