Gabriel's Story

People who find it difficult to believe in Jesus Christ without first-hand evidence sometimes say, “If only an angel would appear to me, then I’d believe.” Pastor Colin talks about what difference that would really make.

Herod's Story

Ever think about the legacy you’ll leave behind? Discover how one man’s legacy was turned upside-down in an instant, when he came face-to-face with the Son of God.

Joseph's Story, Part 2

Christmas is more than just a sentimental story. The story of Christmas is about how God stepped into human history. Find out what this greatest of miracles means for you.

Joseph's Story, Part 1

You find the virgin birth difficult to believe… Well, how do you think it was for Joseph, Mary’s husband? Hear from the man who had a ringside seat for the greatest event in the history of the universe.

Simeon's Story, Part 2

Simeon, an ordinary man, was anointed by God and given prophetic words about Jesus… just 8 days after He was born! Find out what his message meant for Mary… and for us.

Simeon's Story, Part 1

Simeon was an ordinary man who had the extraordinary privilege of holding Jesus in his arms... eight days after he was born. Hear his testimony, and discover what he said about the Son of God, as Pastor Colin delivers a first-person message from Simeon.

John's Story

The Apostle John called himself, “The disciple whom Jesus loved.” Find out what he has to say about the birth of Christ, in Pastor Colin’s first-person narrative message from John.

Your Struggle for Contentment, Part 2

Christianity is not simply a program for promoting good behavior. What matters is not just that we do the right things. Because murder, adultery, stealing and lying are only symptoms of the disease. Find out what the disease is.

Your Struggle for Contentment, Part 1

Many people do not feel their need for a Savior. But the apostle Paul makes it clear that even morally upright people, like he was, still need a Savior.

Your Struggle with Truth, Part 2

Some Christians have become confused about what is appropriate when it comes to speaking the truth. Did you know it’s possible to abuse the truth? A terrorist is someone who destroys things. A truth terrorist is someone who uses the truth to destroy things.

Your Struggle with Truth, Part 1

Lies always have a source and Jesus said that Satan is “the father of lies.” His rebellion began when he lost touch with reality and conceived the idea that instead of worshiping God, he should take the place of God. Find out how he deceives people.

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