The Trial of Jesus, Part 2

When Jesus was accused at his trial, he stood in our place. Pastor Colin talks about the charges that were brought against Jesus at his trial and why he responded to them the way he did.

The Trial of Jesus, Part 1

We know that Jesus died for us and that he rose for us, but what does the trial of Jesus have to do with us today? Pastor Colin talks about 3 things we can learn from the story of Jesus’ trial.

Sin, Part 2

If the only thing you ever think about sin is that Jesus forgives it, you will have very little defense against temptation. Pastor Colin talks about David’s sin with Bathsheba and how this story shows us the destructiveness of sin.

Sin, Part 1

What kind of person is capable of dark sins? Pastor Colin talks about David, and where he was in life when he committed 2 great sins.

Act on What You Know, Leave the Rest to God, Part 2

How can you live with all that God has kept secret, all that you don’t know? Pastor Colin talks about 7 promises that God has revealed.

Act on What You Know, Leave the Rest to God, Part 1

If you knew you were going to speak with your loved ones, who you’d invested your life in, for the last time, what would you say? Pastor Colin talks about Moses’ final words to the people of God.

Why God Asks for Sacrifice, Part 2

Many people wonder: What am I going to do with my life? But the Christian is asking a very different question: What is the best, most useful thing I can do for my God? Find out why.

Why God Asks for Sacrifice, Part 1

God has more than one way of supplying what you need. When one means of supply dries up, he is able to provide another. Discover how to trust the God who provides, rather than his particular way of providing for you.

Rescued from Frustration, Part 2

What comes to mind when you think about heaven? Pastor Colin explains, from the Bible, that the picture you have in your mind of heaven will actually shape the way you live.

Rescued from Frustration, Part 1

If people knew who you really were, deep down at the core, what would they think? Pastor Colin talks about what you actually are, at your core, if you’re a Christian—a new creation in Christ!

Life in Jesus, Part 2

Do you feel you can never live up to God’s standard? Or do you constantly feel defeated in the Christian life? Pastor Colin talks about the cure for perfectionism and defeatism.

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