He Restores Me, Part 1

The Good Shepherd leads us, and He restores our souls. Pastor Colin talks about why we need this restoring.

He Leads Me, Part 2

The Good Shepherd will lead you on right paths. Pastor Colin talks about why these paths are not always easy ones.

He Leads Me, Part 1

The Good Shepherd leads His flock. Yes, but where does He lead them? Pastor Colin talks about two answers—into rest and righteousness.

He Owns Me, Part 2

Psalm 23 was written for believers. But Pastor Colin talks about how God is using it to bring people to faith.

He Owns Me, Part 1

Psalm 23 is one of the best known and best loved chapters in the Bible. Pastor Colin talks about how its familiar words bring strength and hope.

A Generous Reward, Part 2

Maybe you’ve lost money, and you’d like the stock market to give it back. You pray and hope that it will. Here’s a question for you: If God gave you more, what would you do with it?

A Generous Reward, Part 1

You may be familiar with the Bible phrase: You reap what you sow… Discover how this simple principle can help you to decide how much to give and how much to spend.

A Generous Church, Part 2

What is the purpose of Christian giving? So a man or a woman can start a ministry and become fabulously wealthy as a result? Certainly not. Discover three priorities from the New Testament.

A Generous Church, Part 1

Where does generosity come from? How might you grow in becoming a more generous person? What kind of things would God use to make that happen in your life?

A Generous God, Part 2

When you think about God, what comes to mind? How about the word “generous?” Once you see the generosity of God, you will rediscover His love for you in a whole new way.

A Generous God, Part 1

There are three ways we try to motivate people—sometimes by guilt, sometimes by pride, and there’s a third way—with the gospel. Discover the problem with guilt and pride, and what makes the gospel so different.

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