Kept and Carried, Part 2

You look back on your years with sorrow and regret. You’re not alone. Pastor Colin looks at the story of Joseph and shows us how God dealt with Jacob, a sad, disappointed man at the end of his life.

Kept and Carried, Part 1

Your life has taken an unexpected turn and you must leave everything that is familiar to you behind. Pastor Colin shows, from the story of Joseph, what you need to know for an unexpected journey.

Forgiven and Reconciled, Part 2

What does the rhythm of the Christian life look like? Join Pastor Colin as he discusses the rhythm of worship and witness, intimacy with God and activity for God from the story of Joseph.

Forgiven and Reconciled, Part 1

How do you get to the place of reconciling with someone you’ve had a falling out with? Pastor Colin talks about how reconciliation happens and what it looks like from the story of Joseph.

Tested and Transformed, Part 2

Do you want to experience more of the love of God? Pastor Colin talks about true repentance and what it looks like from the story of Joseph.

Tested and Transformed, Part 1

At its core, what is the great change that God’s Holy Spirit brings about in a human life? Pastor Colin takes us behind the scenes of the story of Joseph, to show us what really changes when God touches a human life.

Welcomed and Fed, Part 2

Do you think you will you be welcomed by God, if you come to him on your own? Pastor Colin explains, from the story of Joseph and his brothers, our position before God.

Welcomed and Fed, Part 1

What was it like for God to send his one and only son into the world? Join Pastor Colin as he shows us how the story of Joseph provides insight into this.

Awakened and Convicted, Part 2

The worst spiritual position of all is to be at peace with yourself when your sins are not yet forgiven. Pastor Colin talks about the story of Joseph’s brothers and how God gets their attention to deal with forgotten sins.

Awakened and Convicted, Part 1

How is it possible for men and women who’ve betrayed trust, lied, broken promises, and deceived to come to share in God’s blessing? Pastor Colin talks about the journey of Joseph’s brothers and what it means for us.

Wise and Discerning, Part 2

Jesus says, “Come to me!” Now why would you want to do that? Pastor Colin helps us see the answer in the story of Joseph.

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