You’re Never Too Young To Start

When it comes to the things of God, and our sensitivity to His voice, you can never start too soon. In today’s teaching that lesson is front and center in the story of Eli, Hanna, and Samuel.

Sin Is The Problem

If we look at our lives, we see many areas where we need to make some changes. We try to find the problems and we try to fix them. The real problem is that we sometimes treat the symptoms and not the illness. Today’s message goes past the root and deals with the fruit.

What Does It Mean To Pray Soberly?

Today’s messages give us some practical insights into how to approach God in prayer. He has given us an open invitation to enter the Throne of Grace, but we need to be mindful of who He is and who we are.

Prayer Is The Drumline In The Christian Parade

In a marching band being in unison is vital. That makes the drumline crucial. If we as believers are to march as one, we need to heed our drumline, and according to today’s message, that drumline is prayer.

How Do God Celebrate Christmas?

Across the globe different cultures celebrate Christmas in varying ways. Each of us might think others a bit strange, but all of us could learn something from God’s perspective. He’s the One who knows how to celebrate His Son’s coming into the world.

How Do We Get God’s Attention?

Everyone wants to be heard and given the attentiveness that comes with it. Today’s message asks the question, “How do we get God’s attention.” Thankfully, the Bible doesn’t just ask the question, it provides the

Waiting On The Lord Is Hard But Rewarding

Some of the most rewarding things in life require the discipline of waiting- something we all need to learn how to do. Today’s teaching reminds us of the many benefits we gain when we learn how to wait on the Lord.

The Restoring Love Of God

Most people refer to it as the story of “The Prodigal Son.” In today’s message with my son Dr. Drew Hart, we see it from a very different perspective: “The Restoring Love Of God.”

The Benefits Of Giving

Today’s message is about the benefits of giving. Make no mistake- the believer doesn’t give in order to be blessed, but God in His graciousness chooses to bless us as we bless Him and bless others through Him.

Stand Fast In The Lord

As believers we should have that kind of resolve: to refuse to be distracted from what God has called us to do and to accomplish. That’s the message from today’s teaching- Stand Fast!

Learn How To March

It’s really something to see a group like a marching band moving together in lock step with each other. In today’s teaching Paul urges the body of Christ to that kind of unity and precision. Join us as we continue to explore Philippians chapter 3.

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