Do Others Thank God For You Part 1

Each of us should aspire to be a blessing in the lives of others. Today we start a new series in the book of Colossians. Paul thanked God for the saints there. How many thank God for you? Full message here:

The Example Of Heroes

It’s the man running into a burning building to save someone. It’s the woman donating bone marrow to a sick child. It’s the good Samaritan in the book of Luke. It’s the person showing Bravery, Conviction, Courage, and Determination. What is it? It’s a hero. We all appreciate them, and we can all learn from them.

Instruction For Uncertain Times

Remember Moses? To a generation of enslaved Jews, it seemed like there was no hope. Then God sent a child who would lead them out of captivity. God took the worst of times and brought about a miraculous deliverance.

Control Your Desire For Revenge

The desire for “paybacks” is a strong compulsion that must be conquered in the life of a follower of Christ. Before we consider giving someone what we think they deserve, we must remember what we deserve, and show others the grace and forgiveness that God has given to each of us.

The Cost Of Victory Can be Death

The persecution of the church is always a sobering subject. May God stir our hearts as we consider today’s lesson in the lives of David and the four hundred men who accompanied him.

Blessings Are Waiting When You Run From Evil

There are no shortcuts in God’s Kingdom. On the road to the blessings of God we avoid sin, evil and the pitfalls that satan has placed in our paths.

Pentecost Is Good News For The Marginalized

Pentecost marked the beginning of a new era, one in which the power of God’s Spirit reached far beyond the walls of the upper room.

The Value Of Christian Fellowship

Fellowship. Biblically it is defined as association, community, communion, joint participation and intimacy. It is the lifeblood of our connection as believers and today’s teaching underscores its value- it’s priceless.

Power For Victory Is Available

God has equipped us with power for life, but just like a device that’s not connected won’t work, if we’re not connected to God’s power source, we won’t work either.

A Case Study Of Spiritual Warfare

To understand spiritual warfare, we need to begin with acknowledging that we are in a war. We also need to understand that the battle we’re in is bigger than the battle we see.

What God Plans For You He Saves For You

In today’s message, David finds himself at odds with King Saul who is envious of how God is using him. But God has some plans for David that no one will be able stop. And guess what? God has plans for you too, and He can bring them to pass regardless of the forces that try to stop them.

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