The Prayer Of Jesus

Jesus’ disciples never asked Him to teach them how to open blinded eyes, or how to heal the sick, or how to raise the dead. Their cry was, “Lord, teach us how to pray.” In today’s message from John chapter 17 Jesus teaches us a lot about prayer and about Himself.

Jesus Encourages His Disciples

Having access to some political figure or famous personality has its perks, but in today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart, Jesus encourages his disciples and us with a reminder of our access to the Father, and more.

Godly Traits Of godly Mothers

Today Dr. Tony Hart honors Mother’s Day with a special message from the story of Jesus’ miracle at the wedding in John chapter 2. There, his mother exhibited the godly traits that all moms should strive for.

Our Pain Is Only For A While

To be sure, human suffering raises some almost intolerable intellectual problems which can only be understood as we learn more about God and His relationship to us. As believers we must understand that the pains of this life are temporary, but the power of living in Christ through the pain is available to us all.

As God Sees Man

You ever wonder how God sees you? Wonder no more. From our archived messages, today Dr. B. Sam Hart teaches from Romans chapter 3. Join us.

Why Is The Holy Spirit So Important?

Sadly, we often don’t acknowledge the ministry or presence of God’s Spirit. Prayerfully today’s message will challenge and encourage us in this critical area of our spiritual lives.

The Reality Of The Ressurection

Today's message celebrates the Resurrection of our Lord ans Savior Jesus Christ! He's alive!

Don’t Be a Hater, But Be Hated

In today’s passage from John chapter 15 Jesus says that if they hate us, we need to remember that they hated Him first. That can be a tough pill to swallow, but today’s teaching with Dr. Tony Hart will help the medicine go down.

Make Sure You’re On The Right Path

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t get there from here”? Anyone who has ever been lost can relate to this dilemma. You can never reach your intended destination if you’re on the wrong road. In today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart we’re reminded of just that. We’re in John chapter 15.

Be A Fruitful Disciple

Fruitfulness requires connection. That’s the message for today from john chapter 15. Here’s Dr. Hart.

Jesus Made Provisions For Our Journey

God has promised to supply all of your needs! That’s today’s message of encouragement with Dr. Tony Hart from John chapter 14.

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