Prisoners of Mind

Who really was the prisoner, the accused, or the guards?

Gifts for Both Prisoners

How could a prisoner have such a good attitude in the midst of a damp and dirty prison cell? What did the prisoner have that the guards didn't?

Son of a Senator

Who would Paul have mentioned in the closing of one of his books he wrote while in prison? Listen to a story of how Paul affected the people who guarded him.

A New Commander

How can a prisoner be more content than a prison guard?

Romance in the Barley Fields

How should Ruth approach the wealthy landowner?

The Unseen Providence of God

A loving daughter-in-law, caring for her mother-in-law, finds favor from God, but how?

A Strange Reception

Times were hard, especially after three husbands die, leaving the wives to fend for themselves. Where was God when they needed Him? Find out now but listening to this story of Ruth.

Perils in The Desert

What would the homeland be like after being away for so long? How will we survive?

Three Broken Hearts

Three women have lost their husbands. How would they survive?

John on Pathmos

The government was persecuting the followers of Jesus. What words of hope could John write that would encourage them to continue on following despite the pain and persecution?

Hope in the Midst of Storms

Seeing the waves come over the side of the boat, they were afraid for their lives. What happened once they awakened Jesus?

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