A New Commander

Who really was the prisoner, the accused, or the guards?

A Strange Reception

How should Ruth approach the wealthy landowner?

Noah and the Ark

What would the homeland be like after being away for so long? How will we survive?

The Warning Sign

The dead man's followers were sad, confused, afraid, wondering what to do now. It's all over. Or is it?

Why Does Evil Always Seem To Win?

It may be the hardest question of all, one that some ask out loud while others wonder silently: If God is good, why does evil always seem to win? Our audio drama deals with this question, so listen in and learn the answer.

Why Do the Just Die Young?

Have you ever wondered how it is fair that there is so much suffering? Have you ever wondered why innocent children die? Our audio drama continues with Thomas telling about life with Jesus.

Where is God When There is Suffering?

Why would God allow a man be born blind? Why would God allow someone to go blind? Why doesn't God heal everyone who needs healing? This audio drama helps bring understanding in this painful question.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Abuse, starvation, broken bones, broken hearts and other forms of suffering abound. Why? Why would a loving God allow such suffering if He could prevent it? This audio drama can help you understand the answer to this key question.

Does God Know Who I Am?

Life can be extremely hard and painful, sometimes even overwhelmingly challenging just to find food to eat. It can be easy to wonder if the creator of the universe knows you exist. This audio drama will help answer the question of whether God knows you.

Does God Care About Me?

The world is filled with men and women who barely exist. You may be asking that IF God exists, does He care about the poor and suffering? Listen to this audio drama to find your answers.

Is There a God?

If you've been abused, suffered from a disease, or handicap, you've likely had questions about God. Listen to this audio drama where the disciple Thomas tells of Jesus answering some hard questions about God.

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