Finding the One Thing

How important is it for you to know that your life counts for something significant? What is the main thing in your life? What should it be? The answer may surprise you.

Take Hold of Life That Is Really Life

Does trusting God with everything really include our finances? How can we truly life the abundant life to which Jesus referred?

Sex and Moral Purity

This issue affects every man whether directly or indirectly. What is it? Listen in to today's episode to not only find out what it is, but what to do about it.

Turning the Heart of Fathers to Their Children

What 3 principles are given in the Bible to guide fathers in raising their children? Do you know them and practice them already? Great! If not, listen in and learn.

Who is in Control?

How could this have happened? Is it my fault? How did life in my home spiral out of control so quickly? Ever ask these questions? They will get addressed in this episode. Listen in.

Our Emotional Assets

What must it really be like to live with you? Ever wonder that? What would it really be like? What could be done about it?

Parenting Out of Confidence

When you hear the word "confidence", what comes to your mind? How do you really get it? How can we give it to our children?

Father Hunger

Why should this episode follow immediately after the episode dealing with anger? What actually is "Father Hunger"? What to do about it if you have it in your life?

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