Finding the One Thing

How important is it for you to know that your life counts for something significant? What is the main thing in your life? What should it be? The answer may surprise you.

Why Men Fail

Too many Christian men are oblivious to the Spiritual battle they are in. As a result, they fail and fall. Our hosts give us three reasons why and what to do about it.

Being A Man of the Word

What does it take to be a man of God? In this episode, our hosts talk about what this will take and guide us to become such. What shortcuts we can take to speed up the process?

Thinking with Purpose

What are you thinking about? Do you like to have that question asked of you? Well, what are you thinking about? How important is it to control what you think about?

You Do Not Have Because You Do Not Ask

Who is qualified to ask God for things? What type of things are we to ask of God? Is there a certain formula to get things from God? What is prayer anyway?

The Real Purpose of Prayer

When it comes to love, what would you like to hear God say? Would you know if He already said it? Has God heard from you lately? How does one talk to God? What does WCR stand for in regards to prayer?

The Secret to a Changed Life

Often men confuse the purpose of a daily walk with God with the result of a daily walk with God. What's the difference? Why does it matter?

Every Man a Bulldog

What does it take to build a deeper relationship with God? Why would a guy want to do that? How would it change them for the better? What does it mean to be a bulldog for God?

Money and Contentment

Rumor has it that it sure is nice to have money. It is said to be talked about more in the Scriptures than any other topic. So how can one keep a proper perspective on money?

Live on Less Than You Earn

In the financial area, are we warriors or worriers? How does one handle money biblically?

Finances: A Balanced Perspective

Is it a sin to be rich? Is it more biblical to be rich or poor? Can there be a balanced approach?

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