Questions and Answers - Divorce

Is it okay to love your stepmom more than my mom? Why deal with this issue; I'm feeling fine?

Why is Lust a Problem?

Is lusting every now and then ok? How does pornography affect our view of women?

I Thought I Was the Only One

Am I the only one struggling with lust? Is there value in confessing my struggle to a Christian brother-in-the-Lord?

I Didn't Know It Was Sin

Why is it sometimes difficult to accept that God is the creator of sex? Is it possible to be sinning sexually and not know it?

I Can't Get These Images Out of My Head

Many men struggle with sexual images that pop into their heads—even though they quit looking months and even years ago. How can this problem be handled?

Was I Under Demonic Attack? Part 1 Who is Satan?

Is Satan real? What part does spiritual warfare play in our battle to overcome lusting and using pornography?

Was I Under Demonic Attack? Part 2 Satan and Porn

Are there certain things that can make us more vulnerable to lusting? Does Satan know where to attack us?

Pornography Is Meeting a Need in Your Life Part 1

Is it possible that lust, viewing pornography, or fornication is filling a need in our life? Can a fear of rejection increase our vulnerability to lust?

Pornography Is Meeting a Need in Your Life Part 2

Once we’ve identified the true need lust is trying to fill, how do we fill that need in a healthy, God-honoring way?

What about Masturbation?

Teachings on masturbation often conflict, condemn, or confuse. What is God’s view on self-gratification?

Giving Sounds Good

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