Goodbye to Paradise

God is interested in family harmony and confession between husband and wife. If your prayers aren't being answered, take a look at your relationship with your spouse!

God's Design for Marriage

Divorce runs rampant today. So what's the problem? It's bad theology. If we would just get our theology straightened out . . . we could get our marriages straightened out as well.

The Climax of Creation

Today you'll learn why mankind was and always will be the climax of God's creation.

And God Said...

If Genesis 1 is false, then Jesus, who confirmed the record, the prophets, who declared the record, and the apostles, who taught the record, were all liars. Genesis must be true in order for Christianity to be true.

The Book of Beginnings

The Gospel didn't start at the empty tomb or the cross or even the manger. The Gospel started all the way back in Eden. The opening lines of the Bible "'In the beginning, God" set the tone for everything that follows.

Judgment Day

It's the topic no one wants to talk about. It's the bad news of the Gospel. There is coming a day when Jesus will judge the world and people will either face eternity with Him or apart from Him. What will your judgment be?

Stumbling Over Elephants

Voltaire once wrote: 'God created man, and man returned the favor.' He was right. God has become downsized, trivialized, and re-defined in our generation. It's time to be re-introduced to our great and powerful God!

The Almighty Mover & Shaker

There's a song that says "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands!" Paul once stood before a crowd of polytheists and atheists and explained why the simple truth found in that song is so pivotal to the Gospel.

Introducing the Creator

In Athens, Paul found a monument to an 'Unknown God." He took the opportunity to stand up and proclaim who this God was. What happened as a result? Find out.

More Than a Monument

When Paul arrived in Athens, it was the philosophical center of the world and the birthplace of the democratic system. It had discovered many truths, but not THE Truth. Paul changes that!

A Plea for Judges

You've seen the COEXIST bumper stickers and you've experienced political correctness. So what is the role of truth? Learn why the modern mantra "Don't judge me," just isn't Biblical.

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