Tested, True and Triumphant

Paul was a man who longed for the things of God, and that is clearly seen in the way he prayed for others. His prayer request in Philippians 1:10 is deeply convicting, as it cuts past the trivial, circumstantial matters to matters of the heart.

All We Need is Real Love

Love. It’s the four-letter word everyone wants but so few understand. Paul understood it. So did these Philippian believers. Do you?

A Recipe for Joy

The Philippian believers understood a fundamental truth that many today have forgotten: joy is a product of grace . . . not of circumstance.

Not Just an Ordinary Hello

Paul writes to these Philippian believers with an affection rarely seen in his other letters, and even from his opening lines it is apparent that there is something drastically different about them. Stephen gives us insight into what set them apart.

More Than a Whisper of Treason

At the time Paul wrote his letter to the Philippians, there was one lord in the land: Caesar. His gospel of Roman supremacy was being spread throughout the world through conquest, and to disavow his sovereignty was nothing less than treason. Stephen brings us the gripping reminder that Paul's letter to the Philippians was as treacherous as it is timeless.

The meaning of Life

There is a world of meaning in the title Paul uses for himself in his opening words to the Philippian church. In fact, it takes us to the very meaning of life itself.

Introducing the Church in Philippi

The Book of Philippians is an extraordinary letter to an extraordinary church. Stephen gives us an invaluable look behind the scenes as he begins his brand new series, "To the Citizens of Heaven."

Playing With Fire, Pt. 2

There is only one way to be truly safe from a blazing fire and that is to run from it! The same is true of immorality.

Playing With Fire, Pt. 1

There is only one way to be truly safe from a blazing fire and that is to run from it! The same is true of immorality.

Question and Answer Program No. 64

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript for this program.

Toying With Temptation

Your greatest obstacle to purity is not a pornographic culture or a dissatisfying marriage or even the devil himself. It's you. In this message, Stephen cuts to the heart of our impurity by cutting to our hearts.

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