The Truth About Our Tendencies

We are all different people. We have different tastes, hobbies, ambitions, and convictions. Our diversity is seen from the food we eat to the places we vacation. But in the midst of all this diversity, there are a few tendencies we share in common that hinder our spiritual growth and vitality. In this eye-opening look at Paul's exhortation to Phili…read more

Jesus is God

The fact that 11 of Jesus' 12 disciples were martyred for their proclamation of Christ's Divinity should tell you two things: first, that Christ's Divine nature is absolutely foundational to Christianity; and second, that the world doesn't like it.

The Sovereign Became a Slave

He washed men's feet. He touched lepers. He ate with tax collectors. He walked from place to place without material possessions. He was the Lord over all, yet became a servant to all. Are you following His example?

Crushing the "Kingdom of Me"

All our possessions are made of matter, which God created. All our talents and strengths come from our DNA, which God designed. Everything that sustains us from food, to air, to relationships, is a gift from God. Are you living in light of that today?

A Mount Everest of Truth

The only thing more baffling than the pride of man is the humility of God. Philippians 2:5-8 is a passage we will spend all eternity wrapping our minds around.

Question and Answer Program No. 70

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program.

An Unnatural Way to Live

What is the cure for gossip and slander? What is the remedy for pride, envy, and vain ambition? Paul gives us the answer in Philippians 2:2-4.

The Vanishing Virtue

Paul is under house arrest. He is isolated from his friends. Church leaders in Rome have abandoned him. Yet, strangely, he isn't longing for freedom or praying for comforts. His sole desire is to see the Church of God being unified in humility.

Recovering the Gospel

The gospel of Jesus Christ is still changing the world after 2,000 years; but is it changing your world?

Gripped by the Gospel

Are you feeling ineffective in your outreach to unbelievers and lethargic in your own private devotion to Christ? If so, this is a message you can't afford to miss.

Three Perspectives…One Passion

What made Paul's ministry so unique? Was it the numerous adventures he endured such as shipwrecks, snakebites, and escapes from prison? Was it the many miracles he performed? Was it the varied visions and revelations he received directly from God? No. It was his passion for the Gospel that set him apart. To Paul, all these things were worthless compared to the incomparable value of knowing Christ. He never forgot that he was only a messenger . . . and he was carrying the most powerful message in the world.

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