Question and Answer Program No. 59

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program.

Baptism: Past, Present and Future

Much of the holy confusion abounding today has come about from a desire to get holy in a hurry. People would rather have a short lived experience than a long lived obedience. But there is no shortcut to sanctification, it is a lifetime of pursuit and persistence!

Holy Confusion

The Church is full of people who are sharing their dreams, visions, signs and supernatural encounters. They will not be held accountable to the Word of truth if it disagrees with their experience. We live in an era of Holy Confusion!

The Sorcerer

Why do you call yourself a Christian? Is it because you think it will help you get through difficult trials in life? Is it because it seems to be the cool thing to do? Or is it because you were a sinner in need of a Savior. Only by throwing yourself upon His grace alone for salvation can you experience the REAL power of God's salvation!

First Century Graffiti

In the first year or two of Church history, Christians are writing positive messages on the walls and walkways in and around their cities due to the religion freedom they were given. But that freedom is about to leave. Persecution will reach the homes and churches of these believers and will test their faith like nothing else before. What will their message be now?

Like Father, Like Son

Stephen was called to die for his faith, which made him the first Christian martyr. But we are all martyrs -- even those of us who don't die for our faith. Jesus calls us to carry a cross and put to death our selfish ambitions and pride. So Christian living is all about learning how to die. What does this mean exactly? Luke tells us in Acts 7.

Grace Under Fire

The Apostle Stephen will become the first Christian martyr in Church History. He isn't given time to say goodbye to friends and family; his isn't allowed to get his things in order; he is put to death on the spot. But Stephen was ready. His life had been dominated by the Holy Spirit and in this defining moment he would show the world just how powerful that Spirit was.

Trouble . . . Again!

In this message Stephen takes us back in time to encounter the first disagreement ever recorded in Church history. Along the way we'll discover the answer to the question Christians have been asking for two thousand years: How should we respond to division in the body?

The Sanhedrin's Snafu

The Sanhedrin just doesn't get it. They witnessed Christ perform miracle after miracle and still concluded that His power came from the Devil. Now, as Christ's disciples are moving throughout Judea preaching boldly and performing the same miracles, these Jewish leaders are still trying to put an end to it! This is blindness at its finest.

The Fellowship Had Fakes

The reputation of your church and of Jesus is whatever your reputation is. Is it one of integrity? Is it clean or is it off-color? Is it humble or is it power hungry and racing for another rung of the ladder? The church of the first century had fakes . . . but God saw to it that they didn't last long!

Question and Answer Program No. 58

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program. Due to production restraints, this program is a repeat of QA13 which originally aired November 2015.

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