Question and Answer Program No. 77

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program.

Embracing the Darkness

In this message Stephen reminds us that there is no true enlightenment apart from the Light of the World. All are lost in darkness. Worse yet . . . all embrace it.

No Excuse!

Even though God made some truths self-evident, sinful men willfully and skillfully find ways to suppress them. How do they accomplish that? In this message Stephen lays out some of the most common excuses men use to reject God.

Truth Imprisoned

How will God deal with people who have never heard the Gospel--such as the native tribes who can't read and have no access to a Bible? Stephen gives us God's answer to this often asked question.

The Other Side of God

Galatians 6:7 says, "Whatever one sows, that he will also reap." Unfortunately many people ignore the truth of this spiritual law until it's too late. So instead of waiting for experience to remind you just how devastating sin is, let this message serve as your reminder.

Dangerous Affairs

In Proverbs 5:7, Solomon warns us to stop flirting with sexual temptation and start fighting it. And in our culture that is becoming more pornographic by the day, it's imperative we heed this warning now . . . before it's too late.

Facing the Music

When you ask the question today, "What is God's will for my life?" have you considered the fact that God already answered that thousands of years ago? Join Stephen now as he shows you where.

Finding Wisdom in the Woodshed

There are so many contradicting views in today's society about how, when and why to discipline our children . . . so what should we do? We can start by tuning out the modern psychologists and pseudo-counselors who don't believe in God in the first place and start listening to what God, through Solomon, has to say.

The Ultimate Father-Son Chat

God doesn't gauge your parental success on how well your kids do in school or how often they attend church or how well they're taken care of. His standard is very different. So join Stephen now to evaluate yourself according to God's Word.

The Word on Words

Language can serve as a force of good as well as a force of evil depending on how you use it, and Solomon gives us example after example of both kinds of uses. So join Stephen now as he brings us Solomon's word . . . on words.

Observations from an Anthill

Ants are considered pests for a good reason! They build their houses in the middle of your yard and they sneak into your kitchen to eat your fruit and cereal! But believe it or not, ants also teach us a lot about discipline and hard work. So let's learn a big lesson from these little teachers.

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