Peace…And a Cup of Coffee

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," commanded Jesus in Luke 6:31. While that challenge is easy to preach, living it out is an entirely different matter. In this message, Stephen gives us practical wisdom on where to begin.

Ready, Get Set…Go!

As believers and members of Christ's Church, we have made a promise to demonstrate and communicate the Gospel to our community and our world--especially as our culture rapidly extinguishes the Judeo-Christian foundation on which it was established. In this rich lesson, Pastor Davey provides six action steps we can take to effectively share our faith with others.

Living Up to Your Name

The Apostles taught first-century Christians to be obedient to--and pray for--their Roman rulers, unless a law required disobedience to God. They were to live according to God's standard in a truly dark culture, demonstrating their commitment to the Lord by being good citizens. Today, we are also called to submit to authorities, graciously obey the law, and shine our light in the world. In other words, let's live up to the name we wear: Christian.

Rewriting the Perception of God

As a Christian, you are the face of the Church. And the world perceives the Church based upon how it perceives you. This may seem like a daunting fact, but it's also a wonderful opportunity to repair the current perception of Christianit--and of Christ. In this teaching, Pastor Davey describes how by pursuing a good reputation in every aspect of life, each of us has the ability to change minds--and lives--for the Kingdom of God.

Bridging Niagara

The bridge built by that Jewish carpenter over 2,000 years ago has never needed reconstruction. It's still transporting people to Heaven every day.

The Road Most Traveled

Don't follow the path that has the most footprints. Follow the path that has Christ's footprints.

Seasonings for the Tongue

There are no cosmetics for the tongue. In fact, you have never gone on a diet to get your tongue back into shape! Yet it is your tongue that defines you more than anything else. It is your tongue that makes the greatest impact on your life and the lives of others. So set aside the gym for a moment and join Stephen as he brings you speech therapy for the tongue.

The Venom Within Us All

As a child, did your parents ever wash your mouth out with soap when you talked back to an adult or said a bad word? I'm sure we all got that at least once or twice! Well in today's study of Romans chapter 3, the Apostle Paul will reveal to us that our mouths are dirty and in need of a good washing. Soap, however, won't do the trick. So grab your Bible and join Stephen in this sermon as he gives us the only thing that will: Scripture.

The Prodigal People

From the beginning of time men have preferred to fashion gods in their likeness rather than allow God to fashion us in His. We are a prodigal people . . . and there is only one way back to the Shepherd. In this message Stephen tells us what it is.

Question and Answer Program No. 91

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program. And, due to changes being made in our broadcast schedule, this is a repeat of QA46 which aired in September of 2018.

Anything but Godly…Anyone But God

Anyone who thinks that man, at his core, is good has never read Romans chapter 3. The Apostle Paul is about to reveal that inside even the sweetest old lady, the quietest newborn child, and the most pious religious leader is a sinner as rebellious as the devil himself.

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