Battling the Beast Within

No one ever lives a life of holiness by accident. It happens on purpose. It comes through discipline and obedience to the Spirit of God, which is a daily, moment-by-moment battle. Are you in the fight?

In the Slough of Despond

John Bunyan, in his classic book Pilgrim’s Progress, likened despair to a muddy, swampy slough that is difficult to wade through. King David knew that slough firsthand and his desperate appeal to God while trudging through it teaches us invaluable lessons about both the crippling effects of despair and the comforting effects of devotion. Stephen uncovers them in this gripping new message.

Me First!

Are you living to please God or are you living to please yourself? You can't have both.

The Price of Character

There are only two types of believers in the world today: those who have suffered for their integrity and those will.

Strangled by Worry

In this insightful look at Jesus’ words on worry, Stephen warns us not to add yesterday’s sorrows and tomorrow’s troubles to today’s load.

The Truth About Treasure

Some pastors today are teaching that a commitment to Jesus will ensure a wealthier life. But what did Jesus teach? Stephen answers that today in his look at Matthew chapter 6.

Dressed Up to Kneel Down

Satan has his schemes by which he and his demons attempt to discredit us. So what can we, as Christians, do to stop him? How can we protect ourselves? Ephesians 6 gives us the answer.

What to Wear to War

In his series "Angels, Demons, and Other Flying Creatures," Stephen has pulled back the curtain on that invisible world to give us a glimpse into the spiritual warfare being waged all around us. In this message he shows us an armory that is filled with incredible offensive and defensive weapons. This arsenal was outfitted by God with specific items for us to wear to war, so let’s get suited up for battle!

Unmasking the Serpent

To see someone who is physically possessed by the devil is terrifying because the effects are not only visible, they are often brutal. In part one of his message "Unmasking the Serpent," Stephen reveals that Satan's most devastating tactics are the not-so-visible ones. Let's join him now to discover what they are.

The Fallen Cherub

When we think of cherubs, we think of the fat little angel babies that have been popularized in famous works of art. But did you realize that Satan is a cherub? In this message Stephen clears up our misconceptions about these mysterious creatures and warns us not to take the angelic world lightly.

Guardians & Gallant Warriors

The public has always been fascinated by the idea of guardian angels, but is there even such a thing? Find out in this message as Stephen tests common-held beliefs against the Scriptures.

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