Ingredients of Integrity

Noah was more than just a shipbuilder. He was also a missionary in a spiritually dead land. Even though his family members were the only converts of his ministry, he never stopped obeying God.

Truths From an Ancient Record

Why would God choose to record an obituary? Maybe it's to remind us that we are never forgotten in God's eyes. Genesis 5 is a long list of people we don't know. But God knows them . . . and that's all that matters.

The Curse of Cain

Cain's fall was similar to the fall of his father, Adam. Both sins involved fruit, both were an act of defiance, and both men thought their way was better than God's. God's way isn't merely the best way . . . It's the only way.

Goodbye to Paradise

God is interested in family harmony and confession between husband and wife. If your prayers aren't being answered, take a look at your relationship with your spouse!

God's Design for Marriage

Divorce runs rampant today. So what's the problem? Believe it or not, it's bad theology. If we would just get our theology straightened out . . . we could get our marriages straightened out as well.

The Climax of Creation

Every human being, no matter how broken or evil is marked by the image of God. This lesson teaches why mankind was and always will be the climax of God's creation.

question and Answer Program No. 79

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program. NOTE: Due to illness, this program is a repeat of QA28 which aired February 2017.

And God Said . . .

If Genesis 1 is false, then Jesus, who confirmed the record, the prophets, who declared the record, and the apostles, who taught the record, were all liars. Genesis must be true in order for Christianity to be true.

The Book of Beginnings

The Gospel didn't start at the empty tomb or the cross or even the manger. The Gospel started all the way back in Eden. To understand the full story of redemption, start at Genesis 1.

Living in the Shadows

If the blood of the martyrs really is the seed of the Church, no wonder the author of Hebrews saved their stories for last in his account of biblical heroes. Learn from those who were called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice.

So Many Stories . . . So Little Time

Many of the people named in Hebrews 11 don't seem to belong. They failed spiritually as much as they succeeded. In this lesson, you learn why God so graciously included them.

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