Slaying the Giant of Discouragement (Pt. 2)

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Your perspective will determine how you navigate through life’s decisions and will shape your attitude toward those around you. Dr. David Jeremiah points out the absurdity of trying to solve life’s problems on our own and resorting to prayer only if our efforts fail. David gives the key to a successful perspective in life: Go to the Word.

Slaying the Giant of Discouragement

When we’re tired and things start to pile up around the house—whether it’s bills or laundry—discouragement can set in. In this message, Dr. David Jeremiah gives the best advice to remember when fatigue makes us vulnerable to discouragement. It’s the simple but profound lesson the apostle Paul gave to the New Testament churches: Do not lose heart.

Slaying the Giants of Fear (Pt. 2)

This two-word phrase appears hundreds of times in the Bible to bolster and encourage believers: “fear not.” Clearly, God knows how harmful fear can be. Dr. David Jeremiah continues his look at fear, with a focus on how to respond when you feel fear taking hold.

Slaying the Giants of Fear (Pt. 1)

What are you afraid of? Snakes? Public speaking? Dying? Fear is a natural instinct—part of God’s design for you. But left unchecked, well – as Dr. David Jeremiah explains, fear can become overwhelming, even paralyzing.

Gods Love Will Never Let You Go

If you’ve ever wondered if anything could come between God and His love for you, you’re in good company. The apostle Paul also considered it. Dr. David Jeremiah turns to Romans eight to examine Paul’s list of potential obstacles, and shares why every item on it fails to separate you from God’s love.

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