The Way up Is the Way Down - Part 2

Jesus’ death on the cross was more than just another Roman execution. It was the fulfillment of His mission to serve all mankind. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah wraps up In Search of the Savior with a closer look at the key verse in Mark’s Gospel and encouragement to take it to heart.

Betting on the Wrong World

Christians live in one world that operates in man’s economy, another in God’s economy. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah shares the difference between storing treasures on earth and in heaven.

The Way up Is the Way Down - Part 1

When Jesus spoke of His death, the disciples didn’t understand the significance. Over two thousand years later, many still don’t. Dr. David Jeremiah unpacks one of Jesus’ best-known teachings on His coming death and resurrection – what it meant for His followers then and now.

Thanksgiving Is Supernatural

Today, Dr. David Jeremiah considers why thankfulness is a natural – or rather, supernatural – by-product of the Christian life.

Betting on the Wrong World - Part 2

God’s economy puts no value in earthly wealth or status, and great value on faith and humility. In which economy would you rather be rich? Dr. David Jeremiah returns to Mark 10 and considers the ongoing tension between the two worlds in which believers live: heaven and earth.

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