"Triumphant Over Trouble (Pt. 2)"

We can’t always see it coming. We can’t always prevent it. But when trouble enters our life, we can overcome it. Dr. David Jeremiah turns to Psalm 46 for practical, proven strategies to gain victory over the crises that come our way.

"Triumphant Over Trouble (Pt. 1)"

You probably know someone who’s dealing with such painful problems, you wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Aren’t you glad God never feels that way? Dr. David Jeremiah offers assurance that no crisis intimidates our Creator. He’s always in control.

"When You are at Your Wits' End (Pt. 2)"

Have you ever been caught in a storm because of an incorrect weather report? The storms of life are even less predictable. Dr. David Jeremiah turns to Psalm 107 for counsel on finding peace and purpose during life’s unexpected storms.

"When You are at Your Wits' End (Pt. 1)"

Sometimes we struggle to see beyond our desperation . But there’s always hope. Dr. David Jeremiah offers counsel from Psalm 107 to help us see beyond our immediate circumstances when we’re feeling helpless.

"Praying Under Pressure (Pt. 2)"

Discouragement often pairs with its ally, fatigue, to attack slowly and stealthily. Can they be defeated? Dr. David Jeremiah shares a five-step battle plan for victory, based on the outpouring of King David’s heart in Psalm 142.

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