How Can One Book Change My Life? (Pt. 1)

"The Bible is no ordinary book. Do you treasure it as the full revelation of God to mankind? Your answer can impact your life for eternity. Drawing from Psalm 19, Dr. David Jeremiah shares three ways God reveals Himself to us."

How Can I Be Happy? (Pt. 2)

The more like Christ you become, the happier you’ll be. Sadly, the opposite is also true. Dr. David Jeremiah continues his study of God’s recipe for happiness in this life as well its counterpart: the recipe for sadness and misery.

What Is My Self-Worth?

"How can we measure our worth? By the salary we command? By the number of followers we have on social media? By the brand names in our closet or garage? Dr. David Jeremiah considers the only worthwhile measurement—our true value in the eyes of our Creator. "

How Can I Be Happy? (Pt. 1)

"Many fail to find true happiness in this life because they’re looking in the wrong places. What should we seek, and what should we avoid as we pursue happiness? Dr. David Jeremiah turns to Psalm 1 for God's guidance on finding happiness. "

What Is My Self-Worth? (Pt. 2)

From the largest galaxies to the smallest atoms, God is the Creator of the universe and the Author of life itself. Yet He loves and thinks about us non-stop! Dr. David Jeremiah looks at this marvelous truth and the priceless treasure we will see when we look at ourselves through God’s eyes.

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