Disease: The Fear of Serious Illness, Part 2

It’s natural to be concerned about illness. But whether you’re currently battling a disease or worried about someday falling ill, you don’t have to live in fear. Dr. David Jeremiah offers encouragement from the New Testament to bring hope and healing to your outlook.

Disease: The Fear of Serious Illness, Part 1

As humanity reels from a worldwide pandemic, an insidious side effect has infected millions of people: the epidemic of fear. Are you showing symptoms? Dr. David Jeremiah examines the fear of falling ill and turns to Hezekiah for help in treating it.

Disaster: The Fear of Natural Calamity, Part 2

When a natural disaster rocks our world, we learn to count on God as our rock-solid refuge. What else can we learn from a disaster? Dr. David Jeremiah shares several appropriate ways of responding to God in the wake of a cataclysm.

Disaster: The Fear of Natural Calamity, Part 1

From destructive storms to devastating earthquakes, natural disasters come without warning. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah begins the series, What are You Afraid Of? with a look at Job and a question he surely wrestled with: where is God when disaster strikes?

How Big Is Your God?

The book of Job is more than a catalog of suffering. It’s a testament to the greatness of God. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah examines Job's story to reveal the many ways God demonstrates His greatness.

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