How Can I Find Forgiveness? (Pt. 1)

If you’ve ever wronged somebody, you know what it feels like to wait on their forgiveness. There’s simply no rest, no peace, until you’ve been forgiven. Dr. David Jeremiah tackles the topic of forgiveness with insights from a king who was well-acquainted with it.

How Can I Get Victory Over Worry? (Pt. 2)

When trouble starts brewing, do you start worrying? In the words of a certain TV psychologist, “How’s that working out for you?” Today on Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah looks at the futility of worry and offers some biblical tools to help you overcome it.

How Can I Be Sure of My Salvation?

Do you have to wait until you die to know whether you will go to heaven? Or is it possible to know right now? Today, Dr. David Jeremiah shares five proofs for confirming you are in good standing with God.

How Can I Get Victory Over Worry? (Pt. 1)

Of all the problems inflicting our world over the past year, one has reached epidemic proportions — even among Christians. Today on Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah considers worry: what God’s Word says about it, and what you can do about it.

How Can I Overcome Temptation? (Pt. 2)

Stand too close to the fire, and you’ll surely be burned. The same is true when dealing with temptation. Dr. David Jeremiah continues his look at the dangers of flirting with temptation as he shares the Bible’s instruction for escaping the grasp of the things that entice you.

How Can I Overcome Temptation? (Pt. 1)

Being a Christian doesn’t mean you get a pass on problems like temptation, but you do get the opportunity to escape – every time. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah clears up the confusion surrounding the prickly subject of temptation.

How Can I Be Sure of My Salvation? (Pt. 2)

If you were to pass away today, are you positive that you would wake up in heaven? Is there a way to be certain before it’s too late? Today, Dr. David Jeremiah shares more evidence that can tell you right now whether or not you’re a Christian.

How Can I Be Sure of My Salvation? (Pt. 1)

How confident are you that you will go to heaven? Are you just hoping to find out when you die, or are you certain right now? Dr. David Jeremiah shares the first of five evidences to help you know whether you’re a Christian.

Stay Consistent

Living confidently in Christ is the perfect answer to the unrest and uncertainty of our world, but there’s an even better reason we should strive to abide in Him. Dr. David Jeremiah reminds us that our ability to live consistently for Christ in this life will affect our reward in the next life.

Intersections of Prayer

It’s one of the most-memorized passages in the New Testament, but are you doing more with the Lord’s Prayer than just reciting it? Dr. David Jeremiah offers biblical tools to help you use this prayer for its intended purpose: as a pattern from which to structure your own prayers.

Stay Convinced (Pt. 2)

To live with purpose each day, it’s helpful to have marching orders like the clear direction provided by the apostle Paul. As this series concludes, Dr. David Jeremiah gives explicit instructions to help believers remain virtuous and vigilant in today’s world.

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