The Dragon (Pt. 1)

"It’s tempting to look at Satan’s track record of evil and destruction, and feel that his influence on the world is unstoppable. But remember, he’s destined for defeat. Dr. David Jeremiah opens God’s Word for some much-needed perspective on the devil, looking at Lucifer from the beginning of time to the end."

The Two Witnesses (Pt. 2)

In the future, many will come to Christ as the result of just two witnesses. But in the meantime, there’s an urgent need for many more. Are you qualified? Dr. David Jeremiah examines the vital importance of witnessing, both in the Tribulation as well as in our world today.

The Two Witnesses (Pt. 1)

No Christians will remain on earth to share the gospel after the rapture, but the Bible says many will be saved during that time. How will it happen? Dr. David Jeremiah explains God’s amazing plan for keeping the light of salvation alive for a world in darkness.

The Martyrs

Would you have the courage of your convictions under the threat of persecution—even death? Dr. David Jeremiah introduces the martyrs from Revelation, who will give their lives for the One True God.

The 144,000 (Pt. 2)

What could be more amazing than seeing an evangelism explosion bring millions of people to Christ? Being part of the celebration watching it happen in heaven! Dr. David Jeremiah returns to Revelation for a closer look at the incredible revival that will take place on earth after the rapture.

The 144,000 (Pt. 1)

They’re sometimes called revivals—large gatherings of people, all responding to God’s presence. Maybe you’ve seen one. Or even been part of one. Dr. David Jeremiah describes a coming revival, the likes of which the world has never known—a spiritual awakening that will take place during the Tribulation.

The Martyrs (Pt. 2)

Persecution and martyrdom are harsh realities faced by many Christians around the world. Does the future hold any hope? Dr. David Jeremiah returns to Revelation for a closer look at the courageous martyrs described there. Let their story inspire you to stand strong for Christ, regardless of the cost.

The Martyrs (Pt. 1)

Under the threat of persecution, would you have the courage of your convictions? Would you boldly proclaim God, even if it meant certain death? Dr. David Jeremiah introduces the martyrs profiled in the sixth chapter of Revelation—those courageous saints who will give their lives standing up for the One True God.

The Beast from the Earth (Pt. 2)

The number 666 is widely understood to represent evil, even by unbelievers. But many Christians don’t fully know what it means—and doesn’t mean. Dr. David Jeremiah examines this mystical number from the book of Revelation, explaining its meaning and its connection to the False Prophet.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are an iconic symbol of the end times. But how much do you really know about them? Dr. David Jeremiah profiles these mysterious figures.

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