Accepting the Word of God (Pt. 1)

Dr. David Jeremiah begins his series, Bible Strong, with some practical tools to help you put more time into – and get more out of – the Bible. Because the life-changing power of Scripture requires more than just skimming through it.

A Psalm for the New Year (Pt. 2)

The year is changing. Your calendars are changing. If you want your life to change, fill it with love from the One who never changes! Dr. David Jeremiah encourages us to study the Word of God and grow closer to His Son, Jesus.

A Psalm for the New Year (Pt. 1)

As the New Year approaches, millions of people are making resolutions to help them be happy. But that can never truly happen if God isn’t central to the plan. Dr. David Jeremiah explains why, with support from the First Psalm – a perfect Scripture passage to carry with you into the year ahead.

Trying Not to Lose

The new year is often when we examine our lives and try to improve. Dr. David Jeremiah asks: are you trying to win? Or just trying not to lose? One is driven by faith, the other by fear.

Trying Not to Lose (Pt. 2)

Where you are today is the result of decisions you’ve made over your lifetime. In the Bible, there’s one particular story where that truth is plain to see. Dr. David Jeremiah guides us through the story of Caleb and the nation of Israel, and why we should think of them in the choices we make today.

Trying Not to Lose (Pt. 1)

We’ll begin a new year soon, when many of us examine our lives looking for ways to make improvements. Dr. David Jeremiah asks: in your faith walk, are you trying to win? Or merely trying not to lose? One is driven by faith, the other by fear.

The Prince of Peace (Pt. 2)

Dr. David Jeremiah reflects on Jesus as our Prince of Peace and shares two avenues for experiencing the peace of God in your own life. If peace has been in short supply, stay tuned.

The Prince of Peace (Pt. 1)

It’s the longing of every human heart, but history shows that it’s something mankind is incapable of achieving on our own: peace. Dr. David Jeremiah considers why Jesus is rightly called the Prince of Peace.

Call His Name Immanuel (Pt. 2)

Christmas is more than a birthday celebration. It’s about the Creator of the universe showing His love in the only way we would understand: by becoming one of us. Dr. David Jeremiah continues to shed light on the Incarnation and how it is expressed in one of the names given to Jesus.

Call His Name Immanuel

Christmas is more than a birthday. It’s the Creator of the universe showing His love in the only way we can understand. Dr. David Jeremiah explains how that’s expressed in a name given to Jesus.

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