Haman's Conspiracy (Pt. 1)

For as long as the Jewish people have existed, others have sought their destruction—even though God has consistently cursed all who come against them. Dr. David Jeremiah continues the story of Esther with a profile of Haman, the first biblical ruler who tried to exterminate the Jews.

Esther Becomes Queen (Pt. 2)

Can God’s will ever be hindered by our failures? Dr. David Jeremiah considers that question as he continues our journey through the story of Esther—the faithful woman who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time to be used for God’s will.

Esther Becomes Queen (Pt. 1)

Writers are taught never to introduce a new character late in the story—especially not the title character. Thankfully, God isn’t subject to such conventions. Dr. David Jeremiah details Esther’s late arrival in her story and how it demonstrates the perfect nature of God’s timing.

A Regal Dinner and a Royal Divorce

The ruler of Persia knew how to throw a party! This party was super long and hard to beat, but a wife messed up the king's idea. How? Listen to Dr. David Jeremiah and learn of a "Regal Dinner and a Royal Divorce".

A Regal Dinner and a Royal Divorce (Pt. 2)

God could be using you right now to achieve His will, but you might not realize it until much later in hindsight. Dr. David Jeremiah considers this truth as he sets the stage for Esther’s entry into her story – a story we’ll later see played out in courage and obedience.

A Regal Dinner and a Royal Divorce (Pt. 1)

How does a Biblical book not mention God, or even prayer? What can be learned from it to help you today? Much! Let Dr. David Jeremiah begin sharing with you incredible things about the Book of Esther as he starts a study called "For Such a Time as This!"

Slaying the Giant of Jealousy

We’ve downplayed it, justified it, even colored it green to make it cute. But don’t be fooled – jealousy is a fiercely destructive emotion. Dr. David Jeremiah considers what makes jealousy so dangerous, how it spreads, and how you can keep its destructive influence out of your life.

Slaying the Giant of Failure (Pt. 2)

If something is inside out, that usually means it needs fixing. But to learn from our failures, Dr. David Jeremiah teaches that we must contemplate them from the inside out. David looks at the common experience we all share of failing, and he teaches us how to view it with God’s eyes. In his message, “Slaying the Giant of Failure,” David reminds us that there’s nothing we’ve done that God cannot forgive if we will repent.

Slaying the Giant of Failure

There are few certainties in life. But one thing is for sure: we will all fail at something at some point in our lives. Dr. David Jeremiah teaches the comforting truth that the defeats we experience can be used by God to strengthen us. As he continues his series Slaying the Giants in Your Life, David reminds us that God understands our humanness. He presents four reasons God allows failure into our lives.

Slaying the Giant of Doubt

We often think of doubt as a negative emotion. But viewed from a positive perspective, doubts have the potential to build an indestructible faith as one’s search leads them to a relationship with Jesus. In this message, Dr. David Jeremiah looks at doubt in the lives of some biblical characters.

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