Calling: The Ministry of Spiritual Growth

Faith: The Conduit of Spiritual Growth

Game Changers

Changing God's Mind

Divine Coincidences

Praying Through a Crisis

When we’re facing a crisis, big or small, we have two choices: listen to our feelings, or listen to our faith. Dr. Tony Evans will explain how our choice will affect how we pray… and how God answers. More insight on how to pray through a crisis,

Praying Through a Crisis

We all face hard times in life, but when we’re stopped in our tracks by a real crisis, it’s easy to feel helpless and lose hope. Dr. Tony Evans shares solid advice on how to cope and show us why our hard times often serve a higher purpose.

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

For many people, prayer is just a friendly “thank you” to God before a meal. But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain how easily it can become your only defense when things get desperate. Learn more about how to wage spiritual warfare from your knees when you join us.

Praying to Move Mountains

The Bible promises that God will do anything we ask according to his will. But next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans will explain that God has two different kinds of wills and helps us understand how that knowledge should affect the way we pray.

Praying to Move Mountains

Just when you think you’ve jumped over all the obstacles between you and spiritual victory, you come face-to-face with something that seems immovable and unbeatable. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains why little things like mountains can’t stop you when you really learn how to pray.

Praying to Change God’s Mind

If God already knows everything, why would he ever have reason to change his mind? Well, we’ll find out as Dr. Tony Evans takes a look at when and why the Lord chooses to be flexible.

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