Supplements for your Journey

The cornerstone of Christianity is that we’re saved by faith alone. But, Dr. Tony Evans will tell us why our faith needs “supplements,” kind of like vitamins, to help us grow into the people God wants us to be. It’s a look at the importance of building on what we believe!

Faith for Your Journey

Faith unlocks the door to salvation. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that what we believe about God’s honesty and integrity unlocks even more of what the Lord has in store for us. Discover how to turn God’s plans into your reality when you join us.

Passion for Your Journey

The Bible says that God has given us a new nature, but many of us are too busy struggling with our old nature to notice it. Dr. Tony Evans explains why we can’t manufacture our own spiritual maturity and fire up our passion for real progress.

Preparation for Glory

Dr. Tony Evans says that making the most of what old hymns call the “sweet by-and-by” depends on the preparations we make here and now. It’s a look at how to nurture the divine seed God put within us when we were saved.

Preparation for Glory

The promise of Christianity is that one day we’ll go to spend eternity in glory with Jesus Christ. But Dr. Tony Evans says we’re already making that journey and he talks about the preparations we should be making along the way.

A Challenge to Real Authenticity

What does an authentic Christian look like? What does a successful church look like?

A Challenge of Obedience

Are you a full-time Christian or a part-time saint?

A Challenge to Increased Commitment

What needs to be considered when increasing your commitment?

A Challenge to Higher Standards - part 2

How do you balance caring with avoiding compromising what should not be compromised?

A Challenge to Higher Standards - part 1

What happens when churches "dumb down" the gospel in order to attract new attenders? What should a church tolerate? What shouldn't a church tolerate? Dr. Tony Evans answers these questions and more in today's edition of "The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans".

A Challenge to Greater Convictions

Dr. Tony Evans talks about what happens when churches (and individuals) treat truth like nothing more than a matter of opinion. Discover how you can develop more courage in your convictions.

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