Bringing God Your Emptiness

The world tells us, “When you come to the end of your rope – tie a knot and hang on!” But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why it sometimes makes much better sense to let go. Learn how to get a fresh start when you feel like you’re “running on empty.”

Trusting the God You Believe In

Trusting the God You Believe In

A lot of people will proudly tell you that they believe in God. But according to Scripture, so do the demons. Dr. Tony Evans will tell you about the essential ingredient that turns simple belief into something powerful enough to overcome hell.

Symptoms of a Dynamic Tongue

It’s been said that words are like seeds that get sown in the hearts of the people who hear them. Dr. Tony Evans explains how to make sure those seeds sprout into something delicious, not deadly. Don’t miss this final message in his “Watch Your Mouth.”

Symptoms of Unholy Speech

Dr. Tony Evans says that, whether they realize it or not, people who talk others down are just trying to talk themselves up. He explains why that’s the opposite of what happens as he tells us how to recognize symptoms of “unholy speech.”

Giving to God First

Jesus talked more about finances than anything else besides salvation and eternity. Dr. Tony Evans explains why some modern-day Christians would rathernot talk about it at all as he explains the importance of putting God first with what we give.

The Blessing of Spiritual Wisdom

No matter how much desire we have to be a kingdom Christian, none of us has the power to actually do it… unless we get it from God. Dr. Tony Evans tells us how that can happen as he explains how to stop being a "filling station" Christian.

A Women for All Seasons

You can't help but learn some lessons as you get older. Dr. Tony Evans explains why, especially for women, those lessons need to be shared. It's a look at what women need to do with all that "life experience" they've been collecting through the years.

A Women for All Seasons

There are plenty of products that can help a woman look better on the outside. Dr. Tony Evans looks into the only prescription for inner beauty that actually improves with age, and how a supportive husband is part of the formula

Portrait of a Godly Woman? Part 2

What we're like on the outside is bound to change with time...and almost never for the better. Now with Dr. Tony Evans, the focus is on what makes a lady beautiful on the inside as he paints a portrait of a godly woman.

Portrait of a Godly Woman? Part 1

You can slap a different label on an old product and call it new and improved. But Dr. Tony Evans says that doesn't mean anything's changed on the inside. Now he talks about the inner qualities that can make a woman more beautiful than a supermodel.

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