Footsteps of Peace

Peacefulness is supposed to be a Christian's natural state of being—regardless of our circumstances—but Dr. Tony Evans says there's a battle going on to prevent us from experiencing it. He explains how we can develop an inner assurance so secure that it makes no logical sense.

The Breastplate of Righteousness

God has only one standard of behavior: absolute perfection. So how can a mere human do anything but totally and completely fail? Find out as Dr. Tony Evans talks about the "breastplate of righteousness" and how real spiritual transformation happens from the inside out.

The Belt of Truth

Jesus said the truth would set us free. But only one kind of truth can have that effect. Dr. Tony Evans tells us about it on The Alternative. It's a look at why truth is more than just accurate information…

The Belt of Truth

There are all different kinds of "truth" floating around in the world today. The problem is that they don't live up to their name. Dr. Tony Evans reveals how to recognize the real thing.

The Need for Spiritual Armor

If it feels like Satan has you backed into a corner, Dr. Tony Evans says you have things backwards. He explains who the real hostage ought to be as he talks about how to avoid getting distracted by the spiritual battles going on around us.

The Need for Spiritual Armor

Many Christians fear the devil. But even though he's very powerful, he's the last one we should be afraid of, thanks to a vital factor we'll hear about on The Alternative. It's part of a special series on the armor of God.

Prioritizing Christ

Dr. Tony Evans says that what we do with Christ is even more important than we do for him. So, he talks to us about the importance of keeping that love at the top of our priority list. If your passion for the Lord has cooled off over time, learn how to rekindle it when you join us.

Prioritizing Christ

The old saying goes, “first things first.” But, Dr. Tony Evans says that without the “first thing,” none of the other things matter. Find out why Christians can be very active and very empty at the same time.

Serving Christ

When you review a business online, one of the things you rate is the quality of their service. Dr. Tony Evans will tell us about some important biblical benchmarks that measure how well we’re serving the Lord.

Serving Christ

Serving Christ isn’t just something we were commanded to do; it’s something we were created to do. Dr. Tony Evans talks about some specific ways we live out that God-given purpose. Learn more about the “outward focus” salvation inspires when you join us.

Sharing Christ

There’s plenty of bad news in the world today, but some of the worst news is that we’re not sharing enough of the good news. But Dr. Tony Evans says that can change, and in this episode, he tells us how. Discover why sharing Christ isn’t just about what you say.

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