Assisted by Grace

It’s easier to share a burden with somebody who knows and understands what you’re going through. Dr. Tony Evans explains why – no matter what your circumstances – Jesus is that person. Discover how the Lord’s experience affects how grace works in your life.

Giving by Grace

When many Christians think of generosity, they think of it in terms of giving money away. But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why it’s really more of an investment than a handout. Discover the difference when you join us!

Empowered by Grace

No matter how much we wish it wasn’t, it’s still a fact: real growth doesn’t come easy. But, Dr. Tony Evans will tell us how to depend on God’s grace to get us through the thorny times and describe the benefits waiting for us when we do.

Serving by Grace

Imagine a warehouse that only received deliveries and never shipped anything out. Well, Dr. Tony Evans says that’s what happens to Christians who decide to become “blessing depositories” instead of conduits of grace. Discover ways to pour out what God pours into your life when you join us.

Liberated by Grace

Whether you’re a child in school or out driving on the highway, it’s generally a good idea to follow the rules. But, Dr. Tony Evans tells us how rule following can ruin us. It’s a look at why righteousness grows out of a relationship and how God’s grace changes everything.

Liberated by Grace

When you think how much it cost Jesus to set us free from sin, it’s hard to imagine not living out that freedom. But, Dr. Tony Evans talks about how easy it is to slip back into slavery after being liberated by grace.

Transformed by Grace

Dr. Tony Evans says that the key to increasing the distance between you and your sins is reducing the distance between you and your Lord. Find out how you can do that thanks to a free gift from God that’s more than a match for any habit or hang up.

Growing by Grace

Many people think that if they behave better on the outside, they’ll get better on the inside. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that real growth happens from the inside out, and only through a gift from God we can never earn. Find out why righteousness isn’t about rules.

Saved by Grace

Google maps won’t tell you this, but there’s no way to navigate from here to heaven without going through Jesus Christ. Dr. Tony Evans explains that grace is the road that gets us there. So, why are so many Christians trying to earn what God only wants to give away for free?

The Concept of Grace

Dr. Tony Evans says that grace isn’t the alternative to right living, it’s the doorway to right living. He explains why as he digs into the spiritual concept that made our salvation possible and talks about why grace is so amazing.

The Concept of Grace

A lot of people think heaven is populated by those who somehow managed to be “good enough” to make the cut. But, Dr. Tony Evans helps us understand how upside down that thinking is as he begins a brand-new series on grace.

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