Understanding Spiritual Authority

Dr. Tony Evans says that having access to God’s power is one thing; putting it to work in our lives is another. He explains why the difference comes down to understanding – and exercising – our spiritual authority.

The Heavenly Broadcast Network

Not everyone who says they “hear from God” actually does. But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain how the Lord really communicates with his people and how we can be tuned in when he does. Practical advice about filtering out the world’s interference and hearing the voice of the Spirit.

Jesus the Alpha and Omega, Part 2

Life brings us thousands of questions, but far fewer answers. In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans explains why all the answers you really need all rolled into one—Jesus, as he takes a look at why the Bible calls Him the “Alpha and Omega.”

Custom Designed for His Purpose

Trying to spend your life being somebody else just doesn't work. Dr. Tony Evans says that's because you’re custom-designed by God with a special purpose in mind. Join him as he explains how to take advantage of the uniqueness God built into you.

Sanctified Sex

Society puts the idea of sexual purity somewhere between old-fashioned and impossible. But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why God’s idea of “sanctified sex” still makes sense in our morally-confused culture.

Working for the Lord

If you’re single, you know it can be hard waiting for the Lord’s timing—especially if you feel a little “beat up” by loneliness and longing along the way. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that what may feel like a workover is more like a makeover. Find out more when you join him!

Becoming a Kingdom Single

Some singles believe that life without marriage is life without meaning. But, next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans will offer you a very different perspective that’ll have unmarried believers celebrating their singleness

Fasting for Marriage

Most people struggle when they have to move around without enough light. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that the process is even harder when our emotions are in the shadows. Learn how to end the battle between your feelings and your faith when you join us!

Is the Lord Your Shepherd?

Cartoon sheep are always cute and cuddly, but real ones are often dirty and, well, less than brilliant. So, why does the Bible compare us to sheep? Dr. Tony Evans has the answer, and explains why we’re often too consumed with our independence to admit our need to be “tended.”

Maximizing Your Potential

You know what your salvation does for you. But, what’s it doing for the kingdom? Dr. Tony Evans says that the Lord has packed each of us with potential, but it’s up to us to unpack it and put it to work. Find out more when you join us!

Maintaining Christian Unity

Prejudice takes practice, and Dr. Tony Evans says most of us have been getting plenty of it since we were kids. Un-learning it isn’t easy, no matter what your background or ethnicity, but you’ll learn how to do it on The Alternative in a lesson about putting Christ before culture.

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