Freedom from Legalism

The Lord didn’t set us free from sin just to become slaves to a set of religious rules and obligations. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why so many Christians lock themselves in those chains, thinking they’re doing it for God. It’s a look at breaking free from legalism.

Freedom from Mismanagement

God calls us to be "stewards" (and you can translate that "managers") of everything we have in life. The trouble is, some of us don’t "manage" to do that management job very well! So, Dr. Tony Evans will have some on-the-job training tips for us as he takes a look at how to invest what God has given us.

Freedom from Irresponsibility

Most of us love doing things for our kids, but we also know that it's important to teach them responsibility. Dr. Tony Evans says that God wants the same thing for us. He teaches us about how to grow toward freedom in that important area of life.

Freedom from Oppression

Most people associate "oppression" with demonic activity, life under a dictatorship and so on. But Dr. Tony Evans says it can take many forms. Join him as he talks about how we can find our way toward freedom no matter what's holding us back,

Freedom from Yesterday

Dr. Tony Evans says that tomorrow is something we'll just never be able to get to as long as we're stuck in the past—past hurts, past failures, past regrets, and so on. Join him as he explains how to get free from our "yesterdays" and face the future with confidence.

Freedom from Fear

We all feel afraid from time to time; that's natural. But, Dr. Tony Evans will talk about how to keep moving forward in faith, even when fear tries to stop us in our tracks. Find out why it takes more than courage to overcome fear.

Freedom from Debt

Dr. Tony Evans says that if you want to experience the security of God’s blessings, you have to follow God's instructions. So he talks about how to break your bondage to debt and develop a more godly approach to money management.

Freedom from Anxiety

If God promised us peace, why are we still experiencing anxiety? Dr. Tony Evans says that the fact that we’re worried is a bigger problem than whatever we’re worried about. Join him as he explains.

Freedom from Discouragement

It's easy to let our circumstances get us down... especially when our problems seem to be piling up around us. But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain how God can get us out from under that burden, even when our situation seems hopeless. Discover God's way out of your own personal "Great Depression."

Free at Last

Our own personal version of "reality" is made up of the things we know... and the things we only think we know. The trick is in recognizing the difference between the two, and Dr. Tony Evans will help us learn how to do that as he kicks off a series of messages on what it really means to be free.

Time to Cross Over

Dr. Tony Evans says that life sometimes brings spiritual tsunamis that try to wash us away. But, he explains why having the Lord in our life makes us stronger than any storm.

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