The Blessings of Spiritual Wisdom

The Bible says that God is eager to give his people wisdom. So, why do so few of us take him up on that offer? Dr. Tony Evans talks about how God can help us leverage the knowledge we’ve gained and make better decisions. It’s part of his series on the blessings of taking God seriously.

The Coming Tribulation

It only takes one look at the world around us to see that God’s grace is abundant. But His patience won't last forever. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he takes a look at what the world can expect when God says, "enough!"

The Coming Tribulation

Biblical prophecy tells us that, in the end, God wins and his kingdom lasts forever. Listen as Dr. Tony Evans points out that Scripture also predicts some pretty scary things that’ll happen along the way. Find out about one of the scariest… and why it doesn’t have to be!

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