A Crisis that Cries for Revival

We don’t have to go out looking for problems in life; they’ll find us soon enough if they haven’t already. But, Dr. Tony Evans takes a look at the “up” side of down times as he explains how a crisis can lead to revival.

The Great God of Revival

Do you belong to the living God, or to some random, "little-g." god? Dr. Evans explains that the easiest way to tell is to check out who you're following! Learn more about recognizing and reverencing the "great God of revival!"

Shaking things up for Revival

Scientists understand what causes earthquakes. But when it's our life that gets shaken up, we’re often left scratching our heads trying to figure out what's going on. Well, Dr. Tony Evans has some answers for us as he talks about the meaning behind some of the difficult situations we face.

Now is the Time for Revival

There are a lot of Christians running around who sound like they’ve experienced revival, but are every bit as dead inside as ever. Well, Dr. Tony Evans explains that there are two parts to revival, and being only half revived doesn’t get the job done. Find out more when you join us!

Revival in the Valley of Dry Bones

If your last mountaintop experience with the Lord is just a distant memory, it could be that you're stuck in a valley. But there is a way out, and Dr. Tony Evans will help you chart that course on The Alternative as he talks about how God can revive us as individuals, as a church... even as a nation.

Requirements for Revival

Who wouldn’t want revival—a fresh start in our relationship with God… new enthusiasm, new energy… more of the Lord’s power in our life? Well, Dr. Evans explains that there are some requirements for revival, and spells out how we can meet them.

Why We Need Revival

If God seems far away, Dr. Tony Evans says that it may be because there’s not enough life in our spiritual life. So he talks to us about what it takes to be “revived,” and how our circumstances change when our relationship with God is restored.

What About Those Who Can't Believe

The heart of the gospel is found in John 3:16. But what happens to those who don’t have the capacity to believe in this incredible promise? Find out as Dr. Tony Evans talks about God’s plan for all people – including those who, for some reason, can't believe.

What is Hell Like

Some people mock Christians by saying, “You don’t know what you’re missing.” Well, Dr. Tony Evans describes in detail what Christians will be missing—the terror and torment of hell. It's a biblical look at a place where people were never meant to go.

What is Hell

A lot of people who aren't quite sure there's a heaven are totally convinced that there’s no hell. Dr. Tony Evans says it's too bad their opinions don't change the reality. He tells us what the Bible has to say about hell and explains why a surprising number of people actually choose to go there.

What is Heaven Like

Storytellers, moviemakers and even theologians have their ideas about what heaven might be like. But, next time on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans describes it from the perspective of people who've been there. Find out more about your future address when you join us.

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