Tearing Down Community Strongholds

It looks like things will never change, so why bother trying to make a difference? Well, Dr. Tony Evans explains how Satan uses that attitude to keep your neighborhood under his control. Learn how to break out of isolation to be the salt and light your community needs.

Tearing Down Church Strongholds

Is there a connection between a church’s history and its health? Dr. Tony Evans answers that question as he talks about ways to keep Satan from “submarining” your congregation. It's a look at breaking down church strongholds.

Tearing Down Family Strongholds

Family problems are as old as the Garden of Eden. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains how Satan can use ordinary conflict among family members as a spiritual “weapon of mass destruction.” Learn how to keep the devil from getting a foothold in your family.

Tearing Down Personal Strongholds

Just like in sports, the enemy has scouts documenting your abilities and Dr. Tony Evans says the devil can’t wait to use what he knows to trip you up and tear you down. On The Alternative, learn how to shore up your personal weak spots and draw closer to God’s protection.

Tearing Down Personal Strongholds

As a nation, keeping up our defenses has become a much higher priority these days. But Dr. Tony Evans says we don’t always pay enough attention to our personal, spiritual security. He explains how grace can help reinforce your resistance to the enemy.

The Access to Authority

Dr. Tony Evans says prayer is much more than just a way to make requests and bless food. It gives us access to God’s authority. He explains why it’s just what we need to win the spiritual battles we face. Learn how to let God’s power flow through you.

The Access to Authority

They say getting things done isn’t always a matter of what you know, but who you know. Dr. Tony Evans explains why there’s no limit to what we can accomplish once we know the Creator of the universe! It's a look at accessing God's authority.

The Weapons of Authority

You wouldn’t think of leaving home without your clothes on, but many believers go out into the world spiritually naked on a daily basis! Dr. Tony Evans explains how to "dress for success" before you face your next spiritual battle.

The Agency of Authority

They say that thinking you're a success is the first step toward becoming one. Dr. Tony Evans explains that when Christians do that, it's more than just our imagination at work. It's a look at how to actually use the spiritual authority God gave us.

The Basis of Authority

There's nothing like the element of surprise to change the course of a battle. Dr. Tony Evans explains how God used that tactic to secure our salvation and give us the divine authority we need to fight spiritual battles successfully.

The Scope of the Battle

A lot of people believe that Satan’s not real; he’s just in your mind. But, Dr. Evans explains that the devil is real… and why your mind is a dangerous place to let him roam around. It's a look at how to win the spiritual battles in your life.

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