Reversing Generational Consequences

You may have your father’s chin or your mother’s nose… maybe they left you property or cash. Or maybe they stuck you with a legacy they never managed to get rid of themselves. That’s the kind Dr. Tony Evans will deal with next time on The Alternative as he talks about reversing the consequences of generational sin.

Reversing Irreversible Consequences

Even when the consequences of your mistakes seem irreversible, it’s still not time to give up hope. But it may be time to give up something else and Dr. Tony Evans will tell us what it is. Learn why nothing in your past should hold you back from the future God has planned for you.

Reversing Incurable Consequences

Words like “impossible” or “incurable” don’t apply when God is part of the equation. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that seeing miracles happen is, in some ways, up to us. Find out why God’s power shows up when our power runs out.

Reversing Spiritual Consequences

We all know that actions have consequences. But, Dr. Tony Evans uses a familiar story to show us how, in the spiritual arena, some of the worst of them can be reversed. Find out why it all comes down to the difference between regret and repentance.

The Key to Your Reversal

Even if your life is so far off course that you feel like you can never find your way back to faith again, Dr. Tony Evans says that it’s never too late to make a U-turn. He talks about the most important element in making that happen.

The Key to Your Reversal

When you find yourself driving in the wrong direction, you look for a place to make a U-turn. Dr. Tony Evans says the same is true when you’re off course in life and explains how changing directions can reverse the spiritual consequences of sin.

Stop Blocking Your Miracle

A logical mind is a great thing to have… until we get the idea we can outthink the Lord. Dr. Tony Evans says that’s just one way we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to receiving the miracles God has planned for us. Find out why the solution depends on a little “upside-down thinking.”

Overcoming Emotional Strongholds

God gave us emotions for a reason and they’re a big part of what makes us human. But Dr. Tony Evans says they also make us vulnerable, and he talks about how to find healthy ways to reconcile our feelings and our faith.

Overcoming Emotional Strongholds

The Bible tells us to run away from temptation – but when it’s coming from your emotions, there’s no easy way to escape. Dr. Tony Evans talks about how feelings try to control us and how you can decide who directs them.

Concept of Faith

Jesus said we could do anything if we trust him enough, but that can be hard when the problems and pressures of life keep piling up. Dr. Tony Evans has some practical advice that’ll help you hold on as he talks about what can happen when your faith becomes more than just a way of thinking!

Concept of Faith

To many people, faith is a feeling – a sense of confidence or optimism. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that real faith is something we live out, no matter what our emotions are telling us. Learn more in this “back-to-basics” lesson on the concept of faith.

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