The Kingdom Power of Prayer

In its simplest form, prayer is just talking to God. But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain that, from a Kingdom perspective, it’s so much more—especially when we don’t do it alone. Discover the Bible’s prescription for more powerful, effective prayer when you join us!

Piggybacking on Jesus' Authority

God has unlimited power; we have continuing needs. It literally seems like a match made in heaven. So why aren't more believers seeing their needs met? Find out as Dr. Tony Evans explains why we have to surrender our control before God will let us use some of his.

Praying in Jesus’ Name

It’s one of those things Christians do, but don’t always understand. I’m talking about wrapping up a prayer with the words, “in Jesus’ name.” Well, Dr. Tony Evans will talk about why those aren’t just magic words and reveal how we can connect with the power in that name by using it the way God intended.

Understanding Spiritual Authority

Dr. Tony Evans says that having access to God’s power is one thing; putting it to work in our lives is another. He explains why the difference comes down to understanding – and exercising – our spiritual authority.

Claiming Your Legal Rights

Dr. Tony Evans says that when God’s standard becomes our standard, God’s power becomes our power. He talks about the “legal rights” the Lord gives us and why we often get those rights all wrong.

The Prayer for Spiritual Power

In The Wizard Of Oz, Dorothy eventually learned that she already had what she needed to solve her problems. Dr. Tony Evans explains why Christians often have a hard time making that same discovery. It’s a look at how God wants us to pray for spiritual power.

Touching Heaven to Change Earth

When your only options are bad ones and there doesn’t seem to be any way out of the circumstances you’re facing, Dr. Tony Evans says that God might have you exactly where he wants you. Learn how to discover God’s purpose behind your problems.

The Cultivation of the Seed

Nobody on earth can make an apple. All you can do is grow them from the seeds God has already created. Dr. Tony Evans says that the same is true spiritually and he gives us some very practical cultivating advice. Find out how fruitful Christians can give the world a little taste of heaven when you join us.

The Cultivation of the Seed

Plant a seed and it grows, right? Well, not necessarily. Dr. Tony Evans talks about a process that determines whether your crop will succeed or succumb. It’s called cultivation, and Dr. Tony Evans will explain its spiritual application.

The Hindrances to the Seed

Sometimes it’s hard to see a little seedling in a pot and envision the full-grown tree it’s intended to become. But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why we need to keep that target in mind as we nurture and protect the seed of faith God has planted inside us.

The Hindrances to the Seed

Having God’s word inside us packs us with potential. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that seeing those seeds come to fruit often involves clearing some hindrances out of the way. Discover why the weeds in your life can cost you twice when you join us.

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