Judgment in Your Jaws

Our words can sometimes do incredible damage, but Dr. Tony Evans says that the problem isn’t just what’s coming out of our mouths, but what’s going on in our hearts. Discover the real reason why we often say things that get us into trouble

Dynamite in Your Dentures

Somewhere between what we think and what we say, there’s supposed to be a filter that catches harmful words before they get out. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that filter doesn’t always work the way God wants it to and kicks off a new series designed to make it more effective.

Samson: The Player God Used

Our society doesn’t always reward people who are different. But Dr. Tony Evans says that, in God’s eyes, what makes us unique also makes us useful. He explains what happens to one biblical character who gave up his uniqueness.

Esther: The Diva God Used

In chess, part of the strategy is to position your pieces where they'll do you the most good. Dr. Tony Evans points out that God often does the same with us and explains what we should do to help win the game. Discover the reasons behind the resources God has given you.

Peter: The Apostate Who God Used

All of us are capable of much more than we realize... both good and bad. Dr. Tony Evans introduces us to a man who failed in a way he never thought he could but came back to accomplish great things for the kingdom. Good news for people who feel that they’re too far gone for God.

Jonah: The Rebel God Used

The phrase “you can run but you can’t hide” is never truer than when you’re describing somebody who’s running from God. Dr. Tony Evans talks about a famous biblical character who tried. Find out why there’s no refuge for the rebellious in this look at the life of Jonah.

Jonah: The Rebel God Used

Even when we’re fighting God, God can be using us. Dr. Tony Evans will show us why as he talks about the life of Jonah. It’s a look at the costs and consequences of running from God.

Sarah: The Doubter God Used

It’s been said that the “facts” speak for themselves. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why the facts don’t always tell us the whole story as he takes a look at how God’s promises can rewrite our reality.

Rahab: The Prostitute God Used

Her reputation couldn't be worse, but her faith earned her a place in the Bible's “hall of fame.” Dr. Tony Evans looks at the life of Rahab as he talks about the lessons we can learn from the “less than perfect.”

Jacob: The Deceiver God Used

There's an old saying that goes, "cheaters never prosper." But, Dr. Tony Evans talks about one who did, once God took him through a process of challenge, change, and growth. It's a look at how God uses hard times to get us ready to benefit from his blessings.

Moses: The Murderer God Used

What kind of person would you expect God to speak to directly? Honorable, respectable, stuck on the straight and narrow? Actually, it's more like the man Dr. Tony Evans will tell us about as he discusses the murderer God used.

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