The Progress of Discipleship

Living things grow. That's just what they do. On The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans talks about the life of a growing disciple, exploring the three stages of dedicated discipleship.

The Confessions of Discipleship

Nobody travels incognito in the kingdom. Dr. Tony Evans says if we're going to be fully devoted followers of the Lord, it needs to be something we do right out in the open. Join us on The Alternative as he talks about the importance of taking a public stand for Christ.

The Ministry of Discipleship

Car factories make cars. Computer factories make computers. That's what they're designed to do. Well, Dr. Tony Evans says that churches make disciples. That's their purpose and priority. On The Alternative, he'll take a close-up look at what a thriving ministry of discipleship entails.

The Experience of Discipleship

Making and multiplying disciples should be a key priority for every church. On The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans offers advice about making that effort more effective and spells out four elements that should be part of every church’s discipleship experience.

The Enemies of Discipleship

The world, the flesh, and the devil – three enemies that can distract us from our discipleship. On The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans talks about the steps we can take to derail their agenda by refusing to fall for their tricks and traps. It's part of our look at becoming Jesus' followers, not fans… on The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans

The Goal of Discipleship

It’s an old saying but it’s still true; God accepts us the way we are, but He loves us too much to leave us that way. On The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans takes a look at the spiritual makeover process God uses to make us not only look different, but be different. Discover how the road to discipleship can take you beyond education to transformation when you join us for The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans.

The Conflict of Discipleship

Choosing to receive Christ as your Savior is a one-time event; following him as Lord is a daily decision – one that can be costly and tough. On The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans talks about the conflict that comes when your will says one thing and God's will says another. It's a look at letting the Lord actually be Lord on The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans.

The Authority of Discipleship

Dr. Tony Evans says even though there's nothing we can do to earn our salvation, there's plenty we can do to make the most of it. On The Alternative, he explains why people who only come to church for the "show" take so long to get from point A to point B in their spiritual life.

The Command for Discipleship

God has created a wonderful process that turns ordinary people into sold-out saints. The Bible calls it "discipleship." On The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans begins a series on that subject called "Followers, Not Fans.” It's a look at the difference between knowing about the Lord and being a real disciple on The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans.

The Warning of Fellowship

Dark clouds on the horizon can clue us in to stormy weather ahead and give us time to prepare. Coming up on The Alternative, Dr. Tony Evans will talk about how we’re presented with similar warnings in the spiritual realm. Discover ways to stay alert and safe when you join us for The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, right now.

The Assurance of Fellowship

Dr. Tony Evans says stocks move up or down in value partially dependent upon who’s running the company in question. On The Alternative, he’ll remind us that when it comes to the church, Jesus is at the helm. Find out why that leadership calls for complete confidence in where things are headed when you listen to The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans.

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