Not I

"I am what I am by the grace of God." In today's Every Man a Warrior Minute, Lonnie Berger talks about where the success in our lives really comes from.

Be Kind to Each Other

As a family, how should we treat each other?

Unrealistic Expectations in Marriage

Are there "ticks" in your marriage? Would your spouse agree with your answer? Lonnie Berger expounds on this in today's episode of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".

Lifelong Habit

How do you learn new habits? What are the skills you need to grow your relationship with God? Lonnie Berger shares some tips in today's Every Man a Warrior Minute.

The Right Attitude

How important is it to apologize to your kids when you've wounded them? Lonnie Berger talks about the importance of a father's role in reconciliation.

A Good Day

What is a good day from God's perspective?

Handling Conflict

How do you handle conflict with your children? Lonnie Berger talks about how you model handling conflict can impact your kids for the rest of their lives.

Worshiping Prayer

What is prayer about? Who is it about? Lonnie Berger talks about prayer in today's Every Man a Warrior Minute.

Seeking Forgiveness

The story of Paul and his estranged daughter shows the power of asking for forgiveness.

The First and Greatest

If you want to develop with God, what is the first thing you need to do? Lonnie Berger shares the answer in this edition of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".

Winning Back Your Children

How can your relationship with your kids heal? Paul's story shows how restoration can happen between father and child.

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