Worth Waiting For

What in life is worth waiting for? What about when the world is telling you purity isn't worth it?

When God Wants to Build a Man

When God takes away the things you've worked so hard for, how should you respond? In this edition of "Every Man A Warrior Minute", Lonnie Berger shares the story of Bob, who had to learn how to put God first.

Knocking on the Door

Does God speak to the hearts of children? How do you help your kids come to faith in Christ?

Possible Oppression

What is a foothold, and what happens when the devil has a foothold?

Made To Work

What is your attitude towards work? Do you know who you're representing daily?

Spiritual Warfare Ignorance

What is spiritual warfare? Why is it important to know what the devil is up to?

An Example To Your Children

In what ways are you modeling a healthy attitude about work to your children? Lonnie Berger talks about how your example to your children matters in today's "Every Man A Warrior Minute".

More Than a Happy Meal

How are we supposed to pray? What is prayer even about?

The Long Run

In what way do you put things off in order to be more financially stable in the long run? Lonnie Berger talks about how being patient in the short term is one of the most important financial lessons we can learn.

Stand Firm Dont Fall

When does the devil attack? When we are most vulnerable.


Jose's story show's how God can change a life and the importance of relying on scripture for having success in marriage and building a family.

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