The Life that is Truly Life

What is giving really about?

Come Close To Me Now

When a crisis comes, how do you respond? Do you turn to God?

Better Than Dad

What happens when we parent in anger?

More Than a Happy Meal

How are we supposed to pray? What is prayer even about?

A Message of Values

Why is it important to spend time with your kids?

Watch Your Words

Do the words we say to our children matter? How do they impact them?

A Different War CV

How are we supposed to face our current battles?


Jose's story show's how God can change a life and the importance of relying on scripture for having success in marriage and building a family.

One-on-One Time

How important is it to spend time with your kids?

A Man of the Word

What Bible verses do you know about raising children? Lonnie Berger addresses the need to be Men of the Word as we raise our children.

Your Values CV

Will you allow suffering to change your life?

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