Her Differences are a Gift from God

In what ways are you acknowledging your wife's differences as a gift from God? Lonnie Berger talks about how we our differences should strengthen our marriage, not threaten it.

Live Like Christ

How does the way you live your life make a difference in the lives of others?

The Weapon of Song

Can singing really be a weapon of warfare? How?

A Transformed Mind

How can a struggle with pornography be overcome?

Generational Impact

How does the way you handle money impact your kids and the generations after?

What Maturity Means

What does coming to maturity in Christ really mean?

Spiritual Weapons

What type of weapons do we need when we battle for purity?

The Hard Questions

Why is it important to have an ally while struggling with sin?

Delayed Gratification

What are you willing to do to make the "good life" possible now? Lonnie Berger speaks on the warnings we see in scripture when it comes to borrowing money and going into debt.

What is Prayer About?

What is prayer? How are we supposed to pray?

We Learn From Our Parents

Is your relationship a reflection of the one you saw through your parents? What examples are you setting for your own children when it comes to relationships?

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