No One Knows the Future

God is committed to taking care of you, in good times and bad. Lonnie Berger gives a few reminders from scripture about trusting the Lord as we look towards an uncertain future.

Last Words

I'm My Own Man!

You Are the Light of Christ

With times the way they are, how are you making the most of your opportunities to share Christ's love?

Delayed Gratification

What are you willing to do to make the "good life" possible now? Lonnie Berger speaks on the warnings we see in scripture when it comes to borrowing money and going into debt.

Daily Battle

What two things do you need in order in order to start a new skill that the enemy is committed to defeating? Lonnie Berger shares them in this edition of "Every Man a Warrior Minute".


Do you know God? Do you know His son Jesus?

Giving, Providing, Saving

When it comes to money, the Bible talks about more than just giving. Lonnie Berger talks about three areas of money in today's Every Man a Warrior.


How does Jesus understand our hurts? How are we supposed to find healing?

Run to God

Who do you run to when times are hard? Are there promises in God's word that you cling to?

Cry Out

Who do you turn to during times of distress?

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