Getting Ahead Financially

Is God obligated to bless you financially? Lonnie Berger answers this question and more in the quick minute for men on Every Man a Warrior - Minute.

Marriage Takes Hard Work

In what ways have you given up your life for something bigger than yourself? Marriage takes hard work, and Lonnie Berger talks about how you can have the best marriage possible in this edition of Every Man A Warrior.

Hope in God CV

Where do you find hope? Is it in the things of the world? Lonnie Berger shares the only place where true hope can be found in today's Every Man a Warrior Minute.

Bickering and Strife

How do your children treat each other? Are you modeling what it means to be kind to one another?


TJ's story is all about what it means to be a husband, and how he learned to care for his wife. How are you learning how to be the best husband God wants you to be?

The Provider

In what ways are you providing for your family? Are you being financially responsible? Lonnie Berger offers some financial principles to help you get started.

The Role of Accountability

In what ways are you being held accountable?

Blueprint For Marriage

In what way are you leading your wife? Are you trying to get your needs met through your marriage? Lonnie Berger talks about God's plan for marriage in this edition of Every Man A Warrior.


In what ways are you wounded? How do we address our woundedness?

Be Kind to Each Other

As a family, how should we treat each other?

Struggling with Challenges

What type of regrets do you have as you reach a later point in your life? Are the battles you fight daily keeping you from succeeding? Lonnie Berger discusses the importance of discipleship in today's Every Man A Warrior Minute.

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