The Finish Line

What will you celebrate? 1 The power of God and His word. 2 The people you developed. 3 The pouring out of your life for God's kingdom. 4 The personal rewards that are coming from God.

Continue Forward

Some realities: 1 When the culture becomes more ungodly, proud, and manipulative 2 When religious people do not want the fire and power of the Holy Spirit 3 When people oppose you and the truth Why you do not quit or be quiet: 1 You know inspiring people 2 You know what is right 3 You know your calling 4 You know the word 5 You know the Lord

The Pursuit

1 How does God empower you with spiritual tools and resources? 2 What do you need to run away from now and establish a wise distance? 3 What will you consistently and persistently pursue for the glory of God?

Inspiration for Multiplication thru Discipleship

Having charged Timothy to multiply disciples (2 Tim. 2:2), the Apostle Pauls instructs him three sources of inspiration for multiplaction: 1. Know Jesus; 2. Endure Suffering; and 3. Expect Rewards

Soldiers, Athletes and Farmers

Learning From: 1) Soldiers: The fellowship of faithfulness 2) Athletes: The vision of victory 3) Farmers: The hope of harvesting

Doers and Developers

Three Key Questions: 1 Do we want what God wants? 2 What’s the difference between a doer and a developer? 3 How do we create a culture of development?

Dealing with Disappointment

The biggest disappointments include a combination of relationships, expectations, and results. Difference Makers: 1 Grip the Word 2 Guard your talents 3 Go forward with true friends

Rejecting Fear

Breaking Free: 1 How have you been controlled by fear? 2 Where do you find victories over fear? 3 What do you want to entrust to God?

The Flame

Ignite or Extinguish? 1 Find someone you can empower 2 Develop your primary talents 3 Take more love risks 4 Get rid of faith distractions and prayer excuses 5 Surround yourself with inspiring people who help you learn and grow

Reviving Hope

Three Levels: 1 Behold the God of hope 2 Believe what God says 3 Be intentional with habits that cultivate hope

New Opportunities

Uganda,Cambodia, USA and you! How?

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