Faithful or Fearful

Are you fearful about using all of what God have given to you to bless others? God's desire is that we be faithful rather than fearful.

Keep Praying

Growing in Prayer: 1 Your situation brings motivation as deep longings can become deep prayers. 2 God's heart is compassionate, and He welcomes you to boldly cry out to Him. 3 The kingdom advances with persistent prayers that are rewarded with God's presence.

Your Appetite

1 Selfishness and materialism include desiresthat destroy relationships. 2 The purpose of your blessings is generosity, not greed. 3 Be rich toward God and hunger for righteousness.

The King is Coming Back

Kingdom Shifts: 1 Hone in on what you need, not what you want. 2 You are responsible for your spiritual temperature. 3 Recalibrate your life with the return of Jesus as your North Star.

Slackers, Workers, and Grumblers

Three types of people: Slackers have the heart but not the hands. Workers have the heart and the hands. Grumblers have the hands but not the heart.

Thy Kingdom Come

1 Kingdom Seeds-An Intentional Investment 2 Kingdom Yeast- A Proactive Purpose 3 Kingdom Momentum- What's more exciting?

God Gives You Direction

The Holy Spirit personally communicates with you, and fasting heightens your hearing. Real worship is when you make the shifts God wants and align with His plan. God wants you to incorporate fasting into your work, as you serve God and empower more people.

We Can't Just Watch

Taking Action:  1 God has both placed you and prepared you for this opportunity. 2 It's wise to regain a sense of urgency.  3 God works mightily through people who have reliance and a willingness to suffer.

You Have My Attention

Drawing Near To God: 1 God has many ways of gaining your attention in a distracted culture. 2 Listening to God usually involves slowing down, sincerity, and seeing what needs to change. 3 Returning to God includes repenting from sins, receiving His grace, and a renewed purpose.

Why Fasting?

Reasons to fast:  1 The condition of your soul  2 The cultural moment  3 The calling of God

True and False Fasting

Fasting is more than an action, a ritual, or a box to check. Fasting is a spiritual discipline that is relational with God and should bolster our walk with God. It’s an opportunity to seek God, repent, and love our neighbors. Fasting brings a new start and spiritual power which we need as we start the year and dedicate ourselves to the Lord. Isaiah 58 vividly shows us how not to fast, God’s desire for our fasting, and why we need to fast. The goal is a deeper intimacy with God, enjoyment of His blessings, and shalom in the land.

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