Almost Blind

If you rely only on your senses, you're missing 99.99999999999999 per cent of reality!

How Did Life Become Alive?

Just because a climate doesn’t kill life, does that mean it's capable of creating life?

Did the Universe Know We Were Coming?

Which truths are trivial? And which truths can transform our entire understanding of reality?

Who Wrote Nature's Laws?

How smart are nature's laws? And how did they get so brilliant?

Who Is Standing on His Head

What scientific discoveries made a life-long atheist change his mind?

The Pipe Organ in Your Head

A dead ear does some awesome things. What else happens when it becomes alive?

When God Logs In

How did God "connect" with humans, to guide them what to write in the Bible?

The Mystery of Life's Origin

What privilege is reserved for a being with a brain?

A Professor Changes His Mind

Should a professor speak his mind in class? What limits should he have?

Putting the Pieces Together

What makes you so smart? Just some dumb chemistry?

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