They're Hiding Things From Us

Your teen is going to break the rules, and sometimes they'll try to hide it. How are you going to handle the situation? Let's talk about it.

Memorize the Ten Commandments? MY Kids??

Why should your kids memorize the Ten Commandments? Is it only for them to have a list of rules to follow? There may be a deeper spiritual motivation to have them do it, so let's talk about it.

Respect Isn't Only Earned

Do you get the feeling young people are increasingly disrespectful of adults? Part of the problem is they may not be learning respect at home. How can you do that with your kids? Let's talk about it.

I Worked Really Hard, Dad...But Failed

How are you supposed to respond when your kid gives their absolute honest best, but fail anyway? It's hard for them, so let's talk about it.

He Has His First Girlfriend...Is Middle School Too Young?

In a word, YES! Middle school is far too young for a romantic relationship. But it does prompt the question, what are you teaching your kids to prepare them for future dating relationships? Let's talk about it.

They Lost Their Temper, Again!

Emotions can run strong in teenagers, and getting angry with friends can be especially destructive for their relationships. How can you help them? Let's talk about it.

They Won't Listen, But They're My Stepkids

Parenting your step kids can be really tough, but remember, you're still in the parenting role over them. I'm a step parent and I know it's hard, so let's talk about it.

One of My Kids Thinks They're Gay

It's always tough when your kids don't follow God's Word, and in this cultural moment, having a teen come out as gay can be especially challenging. How can you respond? Let's talk about it.

It's Spring, Finally!

Today's the first day of spring! You can use this day to teach your kids about our new life in Christ. How? Let's talk about it.

Are We There Yet?

Are you looking forward to some long road trips this summer? It can be hard to keep the kids entertained, but you can use this time to bond with them and help them learn about God. How? Let's talk about it.

Have Your Kids Been Cancelled?

If you and your family believe in traditional biblical values, then it's likely your kids will come under fire. Jesus isn't surprised by this; He predicted it and even gives you ways to cling to Him through it. Let's talk about it.

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