My Kids Need Christ

Why do some kids, growing up in Christian homes, still turn away from faith? What do you do if that's one of your kids?

Are You Discouraged?

When you stop leaning on God and become discouraged apart from Him, what example are you setting for your kids?

Why Isn't My Kid Playing?

Starting around middle school, kids' sports become more competitive and your kid may not get a chance to play. How can you help them in this situation?

What Are You Listening To?

Music has divided generations for, well, generations. How can you teach your kids discernment when choosing music?

Change Can Be Painful

How can you teach your kids to trust God through changing circumstances?

Are Your Kids Givers, or Takers?

Our culture, and our kids, are more narcissistic than ever. How can you teach your kids to be countercultural?

What Happened to My Compliant Child?

Teenagerhood: It practically happens overnight. How do you go from the smartest person your child knows, to the dumbest?

My Kids' Driving Me Crazy!

Are you disciplining your kids properly, not out of anger, but out of love?

I'm Not Wearing THAT!

It's important to dress properly, but are you too obsessed over how you look? Your kids are watching.

Are You Too Busy?

It's easy to let work and hobbies take over your schedule, but make sure you're making time to spend with your kids.

We've Met the Enemy, and He is Us!

Are you aware of the habitual sins you may be passing on to your kids?

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