Is My Kid Biblically Illiterate?

Many church-going kids hardly know any Bible stories or are able to look up a verse. Is your child one of them?

I Wish That Coach Knew What They Were Doing

Are you exhibiting patience when you're watching your kids' sports games?

I Haven't Seen My Grandkids in Four Years

Is there a strained or destroyed relationship in your family?

Eh, Church Isn't Our Thing

Church is important not just for you, but for your kids' spiritual development as well.

Beauty is Only Skin Deep

We all think we believe beauty isn't everything, but are you living your life like you believe it?

They're About to Make a Horrible Mistake

You need to let your adult kids to make their own mistakes.

My Daughter Just Came Out

What do I do?

You Need to be More Like Your Brother

Comparing one child to another of your own children can be extremely damaging.

I Want My Kids to Like Me

Is your friendship with your kids overcoming your responsibilities with them?

Pessimism Runs in My Family

Is your family negative or life-giving?

My Daughter's Scared to Death

A Parent Minute listener wrote in about her own daughter.

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