Our Family's Moving

How do I help my kids?

Are There Rules for Christian Modesty?

What is God's heart behind modesty?

Clothing, It's a Constant Battle

Our culture's idea of "cute" clothing are scandalous. What should you do?

My Neighbor's Going to Prison

How do you explain it to your kids, and how can you show Christ to the offender?

I'm Parenting My Parents

It's a tough situation when the circle of life comes back around. What do you do?

Teens: They're Afraid

There's a lot of fear in our teens' lives.

I Just Don't Have Anything in Common with My Kids

At one point there were four females in my house, and I felt like I didn't fit in - in my own home!

Kids Are Pushing the Limits

What do I do when my child complains I always tell him what to do?

Teaching Respect is More Than Words

Are you modeling respect for your kids?

Men, Put On Your Big Boy Pants

Be a leader in your family, not a passive father.

My Grandkids Are Rolling Their Eyes Again

Tiny moments of spiritual discussion can spark a deeper conversation with your teen grandkids.

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