Is Summer Over Yet??

The kids are going bananas! How can I keep them entertained and not complaining?

I'm Learning a New Normal

It's a struggle to suddenly become a single parent.

My Daughter Told Me I'm Mad All the Time

I'm that angry guy. But until she told me this, I thought I was just passionate.

There ARE Specific Gender Roles...Right?

That's a tough question in today's culture. But what does the Bible say?

Selfishness Isn't a Spiritual Gift

No parent is completely selfless with their kids, but you can become more selfless with God's help.

My Daughter's Scared to Death!

Does your teen know what they will do after high school? Some kids just aren't sure. Help them trust God.

I Struggle with My Four Year Old

Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North shares his parenting struggles.

To Work, or Not to Work

Should your teens work while they're in school?

My Daughter Wants BLUE HAIR

I don't like any hair color other than a person's natural color. But is that a preference, or a conviction?

I'm Not Present Like I Should Be

Josh Haven, lead singer of the Afters, struggles to stay in the moment with his kids.

All My Son Thinks About is Sports

How can you help your child who struggles in school do better? The answer can lie in their interests outside of school.

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