I Don't Want My Picture Taken!

You're trying to get that perfect family picture, but not all your kids are ready to sit still. How can you get him to obey, even briefly?

Are You a Frustrated Single Parent?

When you're a married parent, you have backup in your spouse. If you're a single parent, find your backup.

Would You Invite Evil into Your Home?

When you're tempted to sin, consider the impact on your family and how that sin could pass from generation to generation.

The Best Thing You Can Do is Love Your Spouse

When children were surveyed, the people they admired most were their own parents who loved each other.

Is Your Praise Positive?

With a child in athletics, it's too easy for your praise to turn to critique.

Do You Complain Too Much?

Sometimes it takes your teen to point out a complaining spirit.

Do You Have Devotions with Your Kids?

The greatest opportunity to reach your kids for Christ is between their 4-14th birthdays; take full advantage of that.

Do You Understand Your Teens?

If you do, please tell me your secret!

Do You Think It's Sinking In?

How sure are you that your kids are soaking up the Bible? Sometimes what they've learned shows up in the most unexpected ways.

Grandparenting is Fun...Most of the Time

How can you connect with your grandkids more often?

Is Homework a Painstaking Chore?

When you're helping your kids with their homework, and they get mad at you, how can you show them their wrong attitude?

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