Do Your Kids Practice?

Practice isn't good just for improving a skill; it also builds discipline for other areas of life.

Don't Touch That Personality!

God made each of our kids' personalities. It's something to be developed, not corrected or condemned.

Are You Building, or Tearing Down?

Do you have a kid that challenges you? How can you respond to a willful child with love?

Do Your Parents Need Parents?

As your own parents grow older and older, you may be consider caring for them yourself. What do you need to consider for those years?

The Death of a Friend or Loved One Can Be Devastating

How do you handle death in front of your kids? What are they learning from you?

Does Your Teen Seem Brain Damaged?

A teenager's brain isn't fully developed yet, so how can we communicate expectations?

Just Like Adults, Kids Have Bad Days Too

How can bad days help our kids grow closer to God?

When is Fear a Friend to Our Kids?

Is there a good kind of fear?

Are You A Good Example to Your Kids?

For instance, how to do handle conflict with your spouse? In front of your kids, or behind closed doors?

How's Your Relationship with Your Grandkids?

My grandparents had a huge impact on me growing up. You can have the same influence over your own grandkids.

Destroy Your Kids Without Even Trying!

What are your bad parenting habits that may be hurting your kids?

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