"I Hope You Support the LGBT"

Do you have to support the LGBT agenda in order to love LGBT kids and teens?

I Don't Know What to DO Anymore!

If you're a Christian with a non-believing spouse, how can you raise your kids with biblical values?

Boot Camp...for the Grandkids?

Here's a fun way you can instill biblical values into your grandkids and spent quality time with them.

There's Just No Respect

If your teen isn't treating you with respect, reflect on where they may have learned that behavior.

I'm Not Liking This Season of Life

I thought college was hard, then later found parenting was even harder. Now with my kids grown up, I'm in a strange time in my life.

The Attitude is Just Off the Chart Bad

How can you connect with your teen through the barrier of their bad attitude?

My Kids Would Die Without Their Cell Phones

We've created an over-connected and electronically-addicted generation. How can you raise your kids to be responsible with their devices?

My Kids Don't Stand for Anything!

How do I teach my kids to be solid believers and to stand up for their faith?

How Do I Teach My Kids to be Responsible at School?

Each child is different, and need different encouragement and training to succeed in school.

My Kids Keep Coming Back

Your adult kids have moved back in - not a bad thing by itself. But how do you ensure a peaceful stay and helping them get back on their feet again?

We're Just Not Getting Along Anymore

When is the right time-and right way-to launch your adult kids out of the nest?

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