I'm Having a Hard Time Believing ANYTHING They Say

It's a fact that kids don't need to learn how to lie, but they do need to be taught NOT to lie. What can you do? Let's talk about it.

My Ex-Husband Has COMPLETELY Different Values

Are you sharing custody with an ex-spouse? It's a tough situation, especially when you have different values. Here are some ideas to help you co-parent with them.

My Adult Kid's on Drugs

Do you know a family affected by a family member's drug addiction? It's a terrible situation. Here are some things you can do to help.

My Neighbor Thinks We're Bad People

Be careful what you talk about! Your kids are listening, and they may pass on what you say to others.

My Kids Aren't Letting Me See The Grandkids

Religion and politics can be deeply divisive, even within families. When a conflict ruptures your family, what can you do to heal the divide? Let's talk about it.

I Sure Wish I Hadn't Done That

Have you done something wrong and thought you got away with it? Sometimes your kids will still see it even if you didn't know they were around, and then they go and do exactly what you did. What can you learn? Let's talk about it.

I Can't Get My Son To Do Anything

Kids can be so frustrating sometimes. You know your child has the ability to do something, but they don't even want to try. What can you do? Let's talk about it.

My Kids Scream, But They're Just Being Kids

Are you okay with a little chaos from your kids in public? You may be okay with them screaming, but that's not appropriate in every situation. Let's talk about it.

Can't They Control Their Kids?

Do you judge other parents by their children's poor behavior in public? They may have struggles you know nothing about that causes them to act out. Look with sympathy, not contempt. Let's talk about it.

You NEVER Believe Me!

Do you always blame one of your kids for every fight between them? They may often be the instigator, but it's not always fair to assume they're wrong. Let's talk about it.

Our Kids Don't Need Friends, They Need Parents!

Can you have a loving and kind relationship with your kids and still be able to discipline them? Let's talk about it.

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