My Daughter's an Amazing Singer...But She Knows It

Humility is difficult to teach and difficult to model for your kids. Listen for some Bible verses to help.

My Fifteen-Year-Old is Dating a Basketball Player

What values are you going to set on dating for your kids? Listen for some concerns you should consider as your kids start exploring their relationships.

There Is a Spiritual Lesson From Riding a Motorcycle!

Riding my bike has taught me some things about trusting God, and you can listen as I share them.

Missions: Is It a Bad Word in Your Family?

Theoretically, you'd be proud of your child becoming a missionary. But would you harbor a secret regret on their behalf if they did?

I'm Not Good At Anything!

Does one of your kids struggle to find what they're good at? Listen for some ideas on how you can encourage them and find their talents.

I Don't Want to Bother My Grandkids

Your grandkids want to spend time with you! Listen for some ideas on what you can do with them, and how to share Christ.

It's Sunday, We Always Go to Church on Sunday!

It's not always the easiest task to get your teens to get up and go to church, but mentors at church may help. Listen to find out what you can do to develop these relationships for your kids.

Didn't I Ask You to Clean Your Room?

Got messy kids who won't clean up? Alice Velasquez came up with an ingenious plan that you can copy for your kids.

It's Like He's Not Even Thinking!

Welcome to having teen drivers in your family! It can be a scary place to be. When your kids damage the family vehicle, should you make them pay for it?

My Kids Are Going to Be Scarred for Life!

You yelled at your kids. It was a mistake, and you know it. How do you go from here with your kids?

I Want To Go On A Short-Term Mission Trip

Should you go on a mission trip, or a vision trip? The difference is crucial for your family and for the work being done.

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