Picking Good Friends

Help your kids understand the difference between deep friendship with Christians and friendly relationships with others.

Who Doesn't Like a Good Party?

How you can model hospitality for your kids.

Pain. It Hits Our Kids Too

How can you comfort your kids when they're in pain and you don't have all the answers?

Enduring Prayers for Our Kids

How can you prayer for your kids effectively and biblically?

Praying for Our Kids in School

What are your enduring prayers for your kids, especially during school?

Prayer: A Priority for Our Kids

Are you praying for your kids that are fervent and effective?

Kids Face Heartache Too

Did your teen have a special somebody in their life, then their relationship fell apart?

Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

It's harder to stay healthy as you get older, but are you taking care of your spiritual health too?

Addicted to Your Phone

I'm a hypocrite. I judge others for ignoring others in favor of their phones...even though I immediately do the same.

I Can't Take It Anymore!

Will God give you more than you can bear?

Divorce: A Difficult Subject

Many families are going through divorce, but it's not as bad as we thought.

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