Do Your Parents Need Parents?

As I watch my own parents age, I've begun to realize they need more and more help from me. If you're in the same situation and wondering whether you should become a full-time caregiver for your parents, there are some pretty important issues to consider. Let's talk about it.

The Death of a Friend or Loved One Can Be Devastating

Even in the pain of loss, you can show your kids there's hope. Let's talk about it.

Does Your Teen Seem Brain Damaged?

Do you ever shake your head at your teen's illogical decisions? Remember, their brain is still growing! That's one reason why they need you. Let's talk about it.

Just Like Adults, Kids Have Bad Days Too

Sometimes your kids' bad days are their own fault, sometimes they come from problems outside of anyone's control. But how can your kids grow in their relationship with God through those hard days? Let's talk about it.

When is Fear a Friend to Our Kids?

Don't think your kids should live in fear? Depends on the kind of fear! Let's talk about it.

Are You Allowing Your Kids to Grow?

When your teen makes a dumb mistake, do you forgive them? It seems like an obvious yes, but remember, don't keep dangling their mistakes over their head afterwards either. Let's talk about it.

What Are You Learning From Your Kids?

You thought that being a parent means teaching your kids, but sometimes God might allow your kids to go through something to teach YOU something. Let's talk about it.

Sharing the Gospel with Your Kids

As a parent, you hold the most influence over your kids than anyone else, especially when they're young. Are you using this time to share the gospel with them? Let's talk about it.

Are You A Good Example to Your Kids?

Are you showing your kids how to resolve conflict, handle money, and how to treat others through your actions? Let's talk about it.

How's Your Relationship with Your Grandkids?

My grandparents were some of the most formative people in my early life, and certainly helped lead me to the Lord. Are you close with your grandkids? How can you develop a better relationship with them? Let's talk about it.

Destroy Your Kids Without Even Trying!

Are you tearing your kids down and you don't even realize it? Take this as a chance to evaluate how well you're loving them, and what you can do to love them better. Let's talk about it.

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