Nobody EVER Told Me I'm Talented

I was crushed to hear this about a middle school-aged boy. How can you encourage your kids honestly?

Are We There Yet?

What are some healthier road trip activities for your kids than screen time?

It's No Big Deal, Dad. Really!

When you hear that it's "no big deal" from your kids, it's usually a big deal, and it usually violates Philippians 4:8.

Athletics, or No Athletics?

The question is whether you should allow your child to fail.

Our Sons Need to Be Modest Too

We often think of young women in connection to modesty, but young men need to be modest as well.

I Love Being an Adoptive Parent

Adoption is hard, but it's a blessing too. I wouldn't give up my adopted daughter for anything.

Adoption is Great! And Hard.

Many of our friends congratulate us on adopting, but what we really need sometimes is encouragement.

No, You're Not Bad Parents, I Just Gotta Know

Have you adopted a child? Don't be hurt if your child seeks out their biological family. They just want to know.

We're a Racially Divided Nation

How can you teach your kid not to harbor racist behavior or beliefs?

I'm Afraid for My Kids

Are your older children making choices that can mess up their whole lives?

Are Kids Standing Up to Bullies?

If your child is being bullied, how can you help them deal with the situation?

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