My Adult Kids Don't Go to Church

You raise them in the way they should go, but now it seems like they're not sticking with the faith.

I Should Get Paid for Good Grades

Should you pay your kids for doing well in school?

You Watch Your Mouth!

More and more kids these days are using worse and worse language.

It's a Day That'll Live in Infamy

Pearl Harbor Day, the day Japan attacked Hawaii.

I Can't Believe It!

They didn't make the team, and now they're deeply disappointed.

I Just Can't Let My Baby Go!

It's so hard to let your kids grow up.

Will the Whining Ever Stop?

What's worse than a little kid whining?

Public School? For My Kids?


What Grade Ya In?

Um, I'm homeschooled?

I Can't Wait Until I'm 18

Then I'm free from rules! Or so your teen thinks.

I'm So Sick of Being Tense All the Time

Will it ever end?

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