I Think My Child's an Alien!

My daughter hit 13, and she totally changed!

Are We Givers, or Takers?

And how are we raising our kids?


They hurt relationships.

I Just Want My Kids to be Happy

Who doesn't want that? Well, me, sometimes.

Our Kids Are Stressed!

It's stressing me out!

I'm Not a Helicopter Parent...Am I?

If you take an overprotective or excessive in your older kids' lives, then you may be.

You're Not Wearing That

Clothes can cause some of the biggest battles with your kids.

Are Our Kids Old Enough to Lead?

Well, that's a funny question to me!

Do Your Kids Prove They're Christians?

If your child wants to get baptized, how do you decide if they're ready?

Are Your Teens Smarting Off?

They've disrespected us or disobeyed. Can they still go have fun?

Bullying: A Christian Response

What kind of kids usually get bullied?

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