One of My Kids Thinks They're Gay

It's always tough when your kids don't follow God's Word, and in this cultural moment, having a teen come out as gay can be especially challenging. How can you respond? Let's talk about it.

It's Spring, Finally!

Today's the first day of spring! You can use this day to teach your kids about our new life in Christ. How? Let's talk about it.

Are We There Yet?

Are you looking forward to some long road trips this summer? It can be hard to keep the kids entertained, but you can use this time to bond with them and help them learn about God. How? Let's talk about it.

Have Your Kids Been Cancelled?

If you and your family believe in traditional biblical values, then it's likely your kids will come under fire. Jesus isn't surprised by this; He predicted it and even gives you ways to cling to Him through it. Let's talk about it.

Are Your Kids Wearing Green Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day! Should we let our kids participate in holidays that have largely become secular excuses for partying? Let's talk about it.

They Can't Control Their Kids!

Up to a point, it's okay to let kids to be kids, but there are times and places where they need to learn to exercise self-control. Today, let's talk about it.

Is It Okay to Kinda Obey?

You know when your kids TECHNICALLY obey the letter of what you've asked them to do, but they've disregarded what they know you intended? What can you do in that kind of situation? Let's talk about it.

Do Your Neighbors Attend Church?

If you asked four of your neighbors if they attend church, it's likely only one, maybe two, will say yes. That means you have more of an opportunity now to share the gospel with the families around you than you've ever had. Let's talk about it.

It's No Big Deal Dad, Really!

When you hear that from your kids, it's probably a big deal, right? You may not be able to know every video your teen watches on TikTok or Instagram Reels, but you can teach them biblical principles on what they should be filling their minds with. Let's talk about it.

Athletics or No Athletics, That is The Question

You don't want your kids to go through disappointment, but it's certain to happen no matter what. So should you allow your child to try out for a sports team if you don't think they'll succeed? Let's talk about it.

My Kid's Schedule is All Messed Up

Daylight savings time is coming up in the United States! Be ready to reset your clocks for Sunday. Springing forward certainly isn't the only disruption you'll experience in your family life, so let's talk about it.

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