He Just Won't Listen!

What am I gonna do?

Kids Need to Know Jesus

There's a brand new resource for discipling your children.

I Can't Wait for Vacation

Vacation is stress-free relaxation, right?

A Spiritual Lesson from a Motorcycle

There's no protection on a motorcycle, but there IS protection in salvation.

Give Good Gifts to Your Kids

Your kids will love this one.

Do You Expect Good or Bad Things from Your Kids?

They'll live up (or down) to your expectations, good or bad.

Missions: Is It a Bad Word in Our Families?

Would you REALLY want your child to become a missionary?

I'm Not Good at Anything

How can you encourage your kids when they don't think they have any talents?

I Don't Want to Bother My Grandkids

You won't bother them; your grandkids want to spend time with you!

I Ain't Eating That

How can you get your kids to try new foods?

My Daughter's An Amazing Singer

The problem is, she knows she is, too.

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