I'm Not a Helicopter Parent...Am I?

Are you training your kids to make their own decisions?

You're Not Wearing That!

After music, some of the biggest battles may be around clothing.

Are Our Kids Old Enough to...Lead?

How are you or your church training up the next generation of leaders?

Do Your Kids Prove They're Christians?

When should your child be baptized?

Are Your Teens Smarting Off?

How to use "reality discipline" when your child disrespects you or your spouse.

What's So Good About Christmas?

Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year for some families dealing with loss or divorce.

Don't Look At Me! Don't!

Christmas time means Christmas programs! And Christmas program can mean bloopers in the middle of the show. When your child has an on-stage faux pas, how should you handle it?

Bullying: A Christian Response

Is your child at risk to being targeted by a bully at school?

Bullies. What Do We Tell Our Kids?

160,000 kids stay home from school every day because of bullies. How can Jesus' example help your kids with bullies?

Picking Good Friends

Help your kids understand the difference between deep friendship with Christians and friendly relationships with others.

Who Doesn't Like a Good Party?

How you can model hospitality for your kids.

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