Let's Learn a Lesson from Jason Bourne

Men, don't be passive. Move into uncomfortable situations with your family to take care of them!

Husbands Will Melt With Love

Even more than love, husbands crave this one thing from their wives.

Bitter at God?

Your child may be bitter about the way they look, or from traumatic life experiences. How can you help your kid rise above bitterness?

What's Your Game Plan for Your Kids?

Are you setting YOUR plans on your kids' lives, or helping them develop their own goals and God's plan for them?

I Should Treat All My Kids the Same, Right? Wrong!

Your kids are all different, with different needs, and different care from you.

Are Your Kids THOSE Kids?

Your kids may be busy, always getting into things, and it's frustrating. What do you do?

Mark Twain on Raising Teens

He certainly has some "interesting" advice for raising teenagers! What's a more realistic approach to your challenging teen?

Love 'Em, Spoil 'Em, Then Send 'Em Home

If you're a grandparent, don't you love it? But you might be a grandparent raising your grandchildren. Here's some advice.

Are You a Screamer? I Am Too

I hate screaming at my children, but God can use it as an opportunity to be an example of humility.

What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving. I'd love to hear what you're thankful for at parentminute.org!

Kids NEED to be Critical Thinkers

Kids asking "why" can be annoying, but don't squash that. Asking "why" helps your kids become critical thinkers.

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