Now, It's Just Crushing

You raised your kids in church, but not they're nowhere near Him. What to do?

My Kids are Asking About Death

What should you tell your kids about ghosts?

It's Summer, and My Kids are Lazy

Summer can be a time to develop responsibility.

A Texted Happy Birthday

Smartphones and social media are very addicting, and not just for teenagers.

Even Good Kids Need God's Grace

Some kids are more responsible than others, but remember, they're not perfect either.

Do Your Kids Practice?

Practicing helps your kids more than with sports or music.

It's One of the Most Forgotten Days of the Year

Father's Day. If you're a dad, you know all about the tacky ties and #1 Dad coffee mugs.

I'm Not Getting Any Sleep

I love my baby, but I'm so tired!

My Daughter Can Be So Frustrating

Teenagers. They don't always make wise decisions. How will you help them learn?

Our Kids Are Being Lied To

What are you going to do?

Happy Birthday, Sis!

It's my sister's birthday, and I'm so grateful for our relationship. But how do you deal with an adult sibling you can't get along with?

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