I Need to Treat All My Kids the Same, Right?

Wrong! You should be fair to your kids, but that doesn't mean you treat them all the same.

What's The Most Important Thing to Do As a Parent?

Three things: Pray, pray, and pray.

If Momma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!

You can create a happy home and use it to help others know God.

Conflict Seems to Follow Us Everywhere

You don't mean to cause conflict, but it flares up everywhere in your life. How can you keep this from happening?

My Teen Won't Read Their Bible

Struggling to encourage your teenager to do devotions? Keys for Kids Ministries has a new teen devotional called "Unlocked". Visit https://www.unlocked.org for more.

I'm Not Sure My Kids CAN Forgive Me

Have you made a major mistake that's affected your entire family?

Is Summer Over Yet??

The kids are going bananas! How can I keep them entertained and not complaining?

I'm Learning a New Normal

It's a struggle to suddenly become a single parent.

My Daughter Told Me I'm Mad All the Time

I'm that angry guy. But until she told me this, I thought I was just passionate.

There ARE Specific Gender Roles...Right?

That's a tough question in today's culture. But what does the Bible say?

Selfishness Isn't a Spiritual Gift

No parent is completely selfless with their kids, but you can become more selfless with God's help.

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