Country Music - It's...Depressing.

A ride with my youngest daughter, listening to a country station, caused me to ask, "What effect does our music have on us?"

Chances Are, We're Lying to Our Kids

"You're the best!"; "you were singing better than anyone else!" If these praises are true, then they do no harm. But are you simply praising your child with these statements to build their confidence?

I Just Found Out My Kid's a Cheater!

You raised your kid to be honest, but they've completely disregarded what you've taught. What should you do next?

I'm Not Sure I Can Take Anymore!

When your life hits a crisis point, will you be able to give thanks to God?

My Son's Not Turning in His Homework

The work is getting done, but not sent to the teacher. Why is my child doing this? Don't they want credit for what they've done?

Are Kids Bold for the Right Reason?

Are you teaching our kids to be bold about their beliefs? Boldness is not enough; they also need to be as loving and respectful as they're bold.

The Problems Are Fewer, But Bigger

Once you've raised your kids and successfully sent them out into the world, all your family problems are over, right? Not! It's just beginning, but trust God.

Six in Ten Christians DON'T Read Their Bibles

Busy? Of course you are. So it seems intimidating to add even one more thing - but this one thing may be the most important part of your schedule.

Do I MAKE My Kids Play Outside?

Do your kids have too much pent-up energy? Playing outside can help.

My Youngest STILL Isn't Talking

Are you worried about how one of your kids is developing? Observe and see if your other kids are "helping" them and keeping them from growing.

US Christians are Pretty Weak

Across the world, we see severe persecutions against Christians, while in the United States we have it easy. Are you teaching your kids that it's not always, or usually, easy to be a Christian?

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