My Kids Won't Go to School

With last week's tragic school shooting, are your kids afraid of going back to school? Search "Keys for Kids" on YouVersion to find a seven day devotional series for your kids about confronting fear.

Guns, Fear, Anger, and Evil; God is There

How do you speak to your kids about tragic events?

I'm Just Being Truthful!

It's good be honest; but honesty without love and consideration can be harmful.

Internet Apps: Are They Good?

How can you protect your tech-savvy kids and teens from apps that may be harmful?

You're My Best Friend

Sometimes teen friendships only go one way. How can you help your teen deal with that?

It's a Scary World Out There

How can you cushion the blow of scary news stories on your kids?

Jake, Put Your Clothes On

Some young kids can't stand wearing clothes!

They Cry and Cry and Cry

Toddler won't go to bed easily? Here are some tips.

But We Love Each Other!

In light of Valentine's Day tomorrow, how do you deal with your teen's serious relationship?

Kids Are so Funny!

I love stories about kids in church.

I Love to Laugh; You?

Laughter is the best medicine.

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