We Live in an Instant Gratification World

Fast food, Google searches, Facebook posts - all these contribute to impatience and a lack of perseverance in our kids. Listen to this Parent Minute to equip your kids with life skills they need.

Is My Kid Biblically Illiterate?

I'm a small group leader for elementary school boys. Sometimes I'm shocked by how little the boys know about the Bible - what can we do as Christian parents to teach our kids?

I Wish That Coach Knew What They Were Doing

Are you the competitive type, especially when it comes to your kids' sports? Restrain your instincts and set a good example: let the coach do his job.

I Haven't Seen My Grandkids in Four Years!

Cynthia's family had a bad falling-out, both sides were in the wrong. Now she hasn't seen her grandkids in four years! Is your family in a similar situation? What can you do?

He's So Cocky, People Are Gonna Hate Him!

You know the type: overconfident, arrogant. But what should you do when it's your kid?

I've Got to Be Intentional About Praying for My Kids

Establish a routine: How to pray for your kids.

Beauty is ONLY Skin Deep

You may say you agree that "Beauty is only skin deep," but is that belief in your actions?

They're About to Make a Horrible Mistake

Is it a good idea to intervene in your adult children's lives, uninvited?

Somebody's Stolen My Daughter!

Did your child go through a major personality shift when they became a teenager?

Don't Just Say the Words, Do Them!

I lost a childhood friend. I always said we should get together, but we never did.

I Wish My Kids Would Communicate Better!

Well, are you modeling good communication?

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