Should I Admit that I Sin to My Kids?

Yes, absolutely!

It's A Free Country

I can say what I want!

I Think My Kids are Barn Animals!

Kids need to learn certain bodily functions are not always appropriate.

How Do I Help My Kids Process the News?

Here are some tips.

We Just Want Them to Pray the Prayer

Are you raising followers of Jesus?

Stay Away from Evil, Hold On to What's Good

Does that mean we reject people, too?

What's Our Parental Mission Statement?

Mission statements aren't just for organizations. You need one as a parent too.

Country Music: It's...Depressing.

I'm not a country music fan. Are you?

Chances Are We're Lying to Our Kids

Do you ever compliment your kids by bending the truth?

I Just Found Out My Kid's a Cheater!

You thought you raised your kid right, but now you feel like a failure! But is that true?

I'm Not Sure I Can Take Anymore

Are you rejoicing in every situation, or question God? What example will you be to your kids?

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