What Are They Even Talking About?

Sometimes my daughter says words I can understand, but not how I understand them.

You Watch Your Mouth

81% of people in the US are concerned about declining moral values; what are you doing about it in your kids?

Are You a Good Example to Your Kids?

As parents, we're not perfect. But we need to set a good example.

How's Your Relationship with Your Grandkids?

Your role as grandparent is extremely influential on your grandkids.

I Can't Believe They Didn't Make the Team

How do you help your child when they don't make the team?

I Can't Let Her Go by Herself!

They're venturing out for the first time; how do you let them go, and grow?

Will the Whining Ever Stop?

The only thing worse than a child whining is an adult whining!

Public School? My Kid? Never!

Should I send my kid to public school?

What Grade You In?

Homeschool. No matter who you are, you have a preconceived notion of it.

Destroy Your Kids Without Even Trying

Your kids look up to you, and you have a huge influence on them. It's not hard to break them down accidentally.

Are We Teaching Kids to be Moral, or Godly?

They're not the same thing; kids need to know the difference.

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