I'm a Terrible Husband and Father...Really?

Do you struggle with perfectionism as a parent?

Why Won't My Son Live for Christ?

You've raised your kids to follow God, but they've abandoned the faith. What happened?

Days Go By So Fast When You're My Age

What kind of time are you spending with your kids as they're growing up? The time goes by so fast.

My Kids Are My Life

Can your kids become an idol in your life?

I Know My Kid's Using, But I Don't Know What to Do

Drug addiction is hitting families everywhere. How are you talking to your kids about the dangers of drug use?

I Know This Is a Trial, But I'm Not Sure I'm Going to Make It

How many people in Scripture suffered, but didn't make it? What can you and your kids learn from that?

Mom and Dad, Why Am I Going Through This?

Is your child going through a hard time in life? Teach them how to suffer well.

Whoever Said It Was Going to Be Easy?

Every person who was called by God suffered. Every one of them. Do you think it'll be different for you...or for your kids?

They Made a Profession of Faith, But...

You should teach your child that they need salvation, but make sure you're not just pressuring your kids to go through the motions.

Sometimes She's So Conceited Even I Don't Like Her

Having a confident kid can be a gift; having a conceited kid is a trial!

I'm Not Sure I Want My Kids to Go to Christian Camp

While there can be some legitimate concerns about camp, God has used Bible camps to bring thousands of kids to Himself.

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