I Just Want to Love My Grandkids

Balancing your time between different sets of grandkids can be tough, especially when one is close and another is far away.

My Grandkids Aren't Following Christ

How can you show Christ's love to them?

I NEVER Get to See My Grandkids

Do your grandkids live far away, like mine? Take the initiative in your relationships with them!

Daddy-Daughter Time is So Important

This is the best way to set your daughter's expectations for the future man in her life.

If I Don't Help My Kids In School, They'll Never Make It!

The truth is, if you always help your kids, they'll never make it on their own in life.

Guys, We Need To Act Like We're Interested

Don't get so focused on what's in front of you that you ignore your family!

Our Country's Incredibly Divided

You can help your kids have healthy conversations about it in the classroom.

My Son Hates to Read

How can I get him to learn if he doesn't want to read? How can I get him to read?

When the Bad News Turns to Good

My family has recently come through a difficult time; depending on our faith brought us through.

We're Not Kids Anymore

How often have you heard that? Has it sunk in yet?

I Just Want My Kids to be Happy

If happiness were the goal, would they ever learn?

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