Worship in Eternity (Pt. 2)

Worship has always been part of human history here on earth. But do you wonder what worship will be like in heaven? Dr. David Jeremiah offers a glimpse. Listen as David introduces his inspiring message, “Worship in Eternity.”

Warfare of Worship (Pt. 1)

The Bible makes it clear that authentic worship is a sweet aroma to God. And it’s quite the opposite to the devil! Dr. David Jeremiah considers how, in the realm of spiritual warfare, godly worship can be one of your most devastating weapons against the evil one.

Worshipping the Lamb (Pt. 1)

Whether you prefer traditional hymns or contemporary worship, one thing is certain: all of it will pale in comparison to the worship in heaven. Dr. David Jeremiah considers what Revelation describes as a growing crescendo of praise that will surround the Lamb that was slain.

Worshipping the Lamb (Pt. 1)

In Revelation, Jesus is known by several mysterious names. Dr. David Jeremiah turns his attention to just one of those names, and unravels the mystery of the Lamb that was slain. Listen and discover why the Lamb is worthy of our worship, both now and for all eternity.

Worship in Eternity (Pt. 1)

In one form or another, worship has always been part of human history here on earth. But have you ever considered what worship will be like in heaven? Dr. David Jeremiah turns to the book of Revelation for a glimpse of how worship will fill the lives of all residents of heaven, as seen through the eyes of John.

Worship at Home and on the Road (Pt. 2)

Do you struggle to live a lifestyle of worship in a culture that promotes a lifestyle of self? To lift up Christ in a world that tears Him down? Dr. David Jeremiah offers a biblical prescription to help you stay focused on a lifestyle of worship and a practical plan for living it out.

The Endless Song of Worship

The connection between worship and music is far deeper than just the few minutes spent singing during the weekly church service. Dr. David Jeremiah examines that connection as he shares his message, “The Endless Song of Worship.”

Worship at Home and on the Road (Pt. 1)

If the only time you worship God is during your weekly church service, you’re reducing it to an event. Worship is meant to be a lifestyle. Dr. David Jeremiah examines what God’s Word says about worshiping beyond the walls of the church.

The Song Continues (Pt. 2)

You probably have some favorite songs that inspire your worship. But you might not know the stories behind those songs, which are often just as inspiring! Dr. David Jeremiah sheds light on some well-known songs of the faith and their stories as he continues his series on worship, My Heart’s Desire.

The Song Continues (Pt. 1)

If Christians had a job description, you would expect it to include things like praying, witnessing, and loving your neighbor. But singing? Dr. David Jeremiah says it’s true, but don’t worry—the art of singing God’s praises comes not from musical talent but from the heart. Discover what the apostle Paul wrote about singing as David introduces his message, “The Song Continues.”

The Endless Song of Worship (Pt. 2)

What can the modern church learn from Old Testament worshipers who made music such a vital part of their worship experience? Dr. David Jeremiah looks at the rich history of musical worship and unpacks the core principles you can apply to bring greater meaning to your worship.

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