Courage to Say No

In a culture that celebrates wrong, it takes courage to stand up for what’s right. Dr. David Jeremiah reminds us that was also true in Daniel’s day.

The End of World Government (Pt. 2)

In today’s volatile political climate, it’s easy to get worked up over hot-button issues, polarizing candidates or the state of our government. But Dr. David Jeremiah encourages us to set our minds on eternity rather than the temporary kingdoms of this world.

The End of World Government (Pt. 1)

He was king of the world, ruling with absolute power and unrelenting wickedness. So why did a glimpse of the future leave Nebuchadnezzar so frightened? Dr. David Jeremiah takes a closer look at that devastating prophecy as he continues his series in the book of Daniel.

Nebuchadnezar's Nightmare (Pt. 2)

How would you react in a life-threatening situation? With grace under pressure, or with terror and trembling? Dr. David Jeremiah shares how Daniel responded when his life was on the line, keeping his godly confidence and composure as he approached a wicked ruler who had been troubled by a dream.

Nebuchadnezar's Nightmare (Pt. 1)

It was a dream of supreme significance, laying out the sequence of events that will occur until Christ returns. Why did God give this dream to such a wicked king? Dr. David Jeremiah considers this question and examines the meaning of what he calls the most important dream in all of Scripture.

Courage to Say No (Pt. 2)

Do you find yourself straddling the border between God and the world, walking with one foot on each side of the line? Dr. David Jeremiah explains why such a compromise is dangerous, and something Daniel would never have condoned. Look at four rewards for living an uncompromised life.

The Key to Bible Prophecy

Sometimes to see what’s ahead, you have to look back. Dr. David Jeremiah looks to the ancient book of Daniel for the most accurate calendar of coming prophetic events.

Courage to Say No (Pt. 1)

In a culture that defends – and even celebrates – wrong, it takes courage to stand up for what’s right. Dr. David Jeremiah reminds us that the same was true in Daniel’s day. Take an inspiring look at Daniel’s uncompromising life.

A Tough-Minded Teenager (Pt. 2)

Is there a young person in your life who was raised with godly values, only to walk away from their faith in their teen years? Sadly, it’s a common story. But Dr. David Jeremiah offers some encouragement in the person of Daniel, a godly young man who refused to conform to the king’s worldly values.

A Tough-Minded Teenager (Pt. 1)

Moses. Joseph. David. Throughout the Bible – indeed, throughout history – God always has a way of raising up the right person at the right time. Dr. David Jeremiah shares how God raised up a youth when the world needed an example of faithfulness.

The Key to Bible Prophecy (Pt. 2)

Watching the rise and fall of governments and civilizations, the world can seem pretty frightening – until you relax and remember: God is in charge of it all. Dr. David Jeremiah shares how Daniel witnessed the birth and death of four different kingdoms in his lifetime, yet never lost faith in God’s sovereignty.

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