God's Word and Prayer (Pt. 1)

Daniel’s prayer in chapter nine is one of the most powerful passages in all of Scripture, with principles you can apply to your own prayer life. Dr. David Jeremiah examines the prayer he calls a masterpiece.

The Antiochus and the Antichrist (Pt. 2)

You would expect to find Alexander the Great and Antiochus Epiphanes in the pages of history books. But did you know they’re also in the Bible? Dr. David Jeremiah reveals the detailed prophecies foretelling the rise of these two prominent rulers, and shares how God used them to set the stage for the Antichrist.

The Antiochus and the Antichrist (Pt. 1)

The study of prophecy should involve more than just your mind. Look at Daniel, for example. Dr. David Jeremiah explains that, when it came to interpreting his visions, Daniel became both intellectually and emotionally involved.

The Olivet Discourse Discussion

The Bible offers clues about the last days, but the most powerful answers are in the words of Jesus. Dr. David Jeremiah examines those answers – what they meant for His hearers then and now.

Superpowers in Conflict (Pt. 2)

It’s interesting – even exciting – to study prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. But you should also be excited by those that have already come to pass. Dr. David Jeremiah explains that seeing God fulfill prophecies just as they were foretold is proof positive that He will fulfill those that are yet to happen!

Superpowers in Conflict (Pt. 1)

Have you ever noticed how many animal expressions we use? Like “proud as a peacock,” “angry as a bear” and “sly as a fox”? Dr. David Jeremiah considers the power of a different kind of animal symbolism revealed in one of Daniel’s visions.

The Olivet Discourse Discussion (Pt. 2)

"The Bible offers clues about the Rapture, the Tribulation and the Second Coming. But some of the most powerful answers come straight from the words of Jesus. Dr. David Jeremiah examines those answers – what they meant for His hearers then and now. "

The Olivet Discourse Discussion (Pt. 1)

As we get closer and closer to the events of the last days, it’s only natural to have questions. Two thousand years ago, even the disciples had some! Dr. David Jeremiah takes us to the Mount of Olives where Jesus answered those questions and revealed a fresh, new perspective for us to take to heart.

The Church and the Tribulation (Pt. 2)

If you’re anxious about the seven-year Tribulation that will terrorize and destroy much of the earth one day, you’re not alone. But Dr. David Jeremiah says you have nothing to fear – if you’re a believer – as he offers biblical proof of God’s faithfulness in keeping His Church safe in this time of judgment.

The Antichrist

Do you wonder who the Antichrist might be? Dr. David Jeremiah says while we can’t yet know who the Antichrist is, we can certainly know what he is – by understanding Daniel chapter seven.

The Church and the Tribulation (Pt. 1)

For seven years, the world will undergo a series of terrifying plagues and disasters known as the Tribulation. Will the Church be spared from this time of judgment? Dr. David Jeremiah tackles that question and explains why God would permit such a horrible thing to happen at all.

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