Doing Away with Compromise

There’s no question that getting in shape is hard work. But staying in shape is even harder. Learn how to apply this principle to your Christian walk.

Doing Away with Compromise (Pt. 2)

When Nehemiah saw that sin had crept into his beloved Jerusalem, he didn’t think it over or form a committee. He took decisive action to remove the problem! Dr. David Jeremiah says we should take the same approach when dealing with the enemy.

Doing Away with Compromise (Pt. 1)

If you’ve ever worked hard to reach a goal like losing weight or becoming debt-free, you know that’s when the real work begins. Dr. David Jeremiah explains how just a few moments of compromise can set back years of progress. Nehemiah saw it in ancient Israel, and if you’re not careful, you can see it in your Christian walk.

Giving Thanks for God's Goodness

In today’s culture of isolation and entitlement, the concept of people joining together to express gratitude to God is almost unheard of. Dr. David Jeremiah explains why such an outpouring was so important in helping the nation of Israel restore fellowship with God—and why it can do the same for us.

Offering Yourself for Service (Pt. 2)

"When you see a need, do you immediately volunteer to help? Or do you wait to be asked? Dr. David Jeremiah says the church needs both kinds of helpers, as long as they have the genuine heart of a servant. "

Offering Yourself for Service (Pt. 1)

In Nehemiah’s day, Jerusalem needed people willing to serve in a wide range of important roles. The Church needs that same willingness in our own generation. Dr. David Jeremiah shares Nehemiah’s vision for repopulating Jerusalem—a plan built on the commitment of its people.

Taking a Pledge to Give

What’s the first step in becoming a better steward of your money? Understanding that it’s not your money! Today, Dr. David Jeremiah looks at the practice of biblical giving.

Taking a Pledge to Give (Pt. 2)

Do you want to practice better stewardship with your money? First, understand that it’s not your money. Dr. David Jeremiah continues his focus on giving, a discipline joyfully embraced by the ancient Jews to honor God for His provision.

Taking a Pledge to Give (Pt. 1)

Can being more faithful with your tithes and offerings help you experience spiritual revival? It certainly did for ancient Israel. Dr. David Jeremiah looks at how God’s people—then and now—are blessed by committing themselves to biblical giving.

Becoming Accountable for Conduct

When it comes to living out your faith, do you walk the walk? Or just talk the talk? Dr. David Jeremiah returns to the Old Testament book of Nehemiah, where the nation of Israel learns the importance of actually practicing what they’ve been preaching.

Getting Caught Up in Worship

It’s the reason mankind was created, and it’s the main focus of Scripture. But the Bible doesn’t tell us exactly how to do it. Dr. David Jeremiah considers what it means to worship God—both the process and the practice of praising our Lord.

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