Stay Confident (Pt. 1)

Where do you put your confidence? Is it in Jesus—the way, the truth and the life? Or is it in the world and its deceptions? Today, Dr. David Jeremiah considers the importance—and the challenge—of believing with assurance while living in a culture of cynicism.

Stay Centered (Pt. 2)

If the world's troubles distract you from your calling in Christ, remember: this world is not your home! Embrace that perspective as Dr. David Jeremiah offers tools and insights to help you obey the Bible’s command to “keep your heart fixed on things above.”

Stay Centered (Pt. 1)

Now more than ever, it’s vital to stay focused on Christ. But how can we do that when the world is in such a volatile state? Today, Dr. David Jeremiah reveals how the apostle Paul addressed this issue when Colossian believers asked the same question.

Stay Compassionate

When the world is spiraling out of control, it’s natural to isolate, but is that what God wants? Today, Dr. David Jeremiah shares the biblical attitude believers ought to embody.

Stay Connected (Pt. 2)

God never promised believers an easy life; in fact, just the opposite. To make the hard times easier, He created us to connect with one another. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah continues his look at God's design for community and offers some excellent reasons not to go through life alone.

Stay Connected (Pt. 1)

We are more connected today than ever in history, thanks to the Internet and social media. Yet ironically, we’re also more isolated. Dr. David Jeremiah examines this paradox in light of the fact that God created us for community.

Stay Challenged (Pt. 2)

Do you wonder why some believers are able to weather any storm while others are blown away by the slightest wind? Often, the difference is diligence. Dr. David Jeremiah takes a closer look at this important, but often-misunderstood, term.

Stay Challenged (Pt. 1)

When you anticipate something big, do you tend to stop everything else? That’s normal, but it’s not how Christians should await Christ’s return. Dr. David Jeremiah considers what God’s Word means when it instructs believers to be diligent.

Stay Constructive (Pt. 2)

If this word isn’t in your vocabulary, it should be: Edification. It carries the idea of building one another up. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah explains why every believer should understand what edification is—and what it isn’t—as we stand against our culture of destruction.

Stay Calm

The unrest in today’s world has many living in fear, and the same was true in Jesus’ time. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah considers how Christ eased those concerns with keys for overcoming a troubled heart.

Stay Constructive (Pt. 1)

In a culture that caters to mankind’s inclination to tear down and destroy, Christians are called to build others up. How well are you doing? Dr. David Jeremiah offers tools to help you fulfill the Bible’s command for Christians to be a force for encouragement.

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