Discipleship Essentials: Module 3: Christian Life and Worldview

1: Identifying Goals

Participants will understand that God's plan is ultimately the best, and examine the motivations for their ambitions with a Biblical perspective.

2: Making Life Choices

To examine the power of choices and discover that there can be negative consequences as a result of poor choices.

3: The Battle Within Me

Participants will understand the Biblical concept of the conflict of our two natures. They will better understand the role of our inherent sinful nature verses the nature of God within them, and how to rely on the Spirit of God as they overcome their propensity for sin.

4: The Work of the Holy Spirit

To understand the need for reliance on God's power when fighting against our sinful nature. Participants will examine the discipline required to conquer their sinful nature and develop habits that allow them to surrender to the Holy Spirit.

5: Be Separate From the World

To understand what it means to be separate from the world in order to be set apart for God.

6: Baptism and the Lord's Supper

Participants will understand the sacraments of baptism and communion, why they are practised and their purpose in the life of the Church.

7: How to Pray

To understand the significance of prayer, and understand how Jesus taught the disciples to pray. Participants will know how they can experience unconditional access to God through their prayer life.

8: The Church

To understand the significance of the Church, to look at how the early Church impacts the work of the Church today.

9: What is Worship?

The purpose of this lesson is to look at what Christians mean by the word "worship" and how we can be the type of worshippers that God desires.

10: The Grace of God

To explain how the Christian receives God's grace, and how this grace affects our relationship with God and with others.
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