Discipleship Essentials: Module 2: Leading Small Groups

1: Dynamics of a Group Discussion

This lesson explores the principles of leading a group discussion, how to prepare for and lead a group discussion, and how to ask questions to stimulate discussion.

2: Methods for Teaching a Small Group

This lesson explores learning styles, teaching styles, and effective methods of communicating within a small group setting.

3: Instructing Adult Learners

The purpose of this lesson is to discover the unique needs of an adult learner, and how to teach them in small groups within a church or ministry setting.

4: Fostering Healthy Small Group Relationships

The purpose of this lesson is to learn how to create a healthy small group by strengthening relationships, and providing tools to deal with interpersonal issues that may arise.

5: Prayer in Small Groups

The purpose of this lesson is to discover the reasons for praying in small groups, to inspire renewed commitment to prayer, and to suggest different methods of prayer that can be employed by the small group.

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