Discipleship Essentials: Module 10: Pastoral Basics

1: The Role of a Pastor

This lesson examines what it means to be a pastor, how to lead others in the ways of God and what the Bible says about pastoral ministry.

2: The Pastor as Teacher

This lesson explores the pastor’s role as a teacher through sermons, Bible studies, personal instruction, and other means.

3: The Pastor as Counselor

The pastor is involved in the life of his people and is often called upon to counsel individuals in times of crisis, or to help them see direction from God. This lesson focuses on the basics of Biblical counselling and it's place in the ministry of a pastor.

4: Biblical Qualifications for Church Leadership

The Bible gives us some guidance about who should be appointed to leadership roles within the church (pastors, elders and others) and what qualifies them. Churches should be careful to appoint those who are worthy of the position.

5: Ministry to Children and Youth

This lesson looks at the importance of ministries specifically designed for the children and youth, and a Biblical basis for a focus on young people.

6: The Church Planting Cycle

This lesson examines the cycle of church reproduction: beginning a church, growing it, and then starting a new church to expand God’s Kingdom. Methods and challenges to church planting are addressed.

7: Church Growth

This lesson looks at church growth, which is actually Kingdom growth. It includes how to encourage it and how to face its challenges.

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