Discipleship Essentials: Module 9: Christian Doctrine

1: Why Do We Need to Know Doctrine?

This lesson looks at the importance of doctrine to the Christian faith, and why errors can cause devastating results.

2: One God

This lesson covers the doctrine of the nature of God - that He is one God eternally existent in three persons.

3: The Creator

This lesson looks at the doctrine of God as our creator - and that all things were created through God and did not evolve accidentally.

4: The Authority of the Bible

This lesson examines the authority of the Bible, and that all Scripture is true, without error.

5: Sin and Salvation

This lesson looks at the doctrine of sin and salvation, how salvation is achieved, to whom it is available, what it entails and why having a correct view of sin and salvation is important.

6: God of the Covenants

This lesson looks at the covenants as the way in which God chose to relate to His people - what the old and new covenants are, the importance to every believer and what this tells us about the nature of law and grace today.

7: Jesus is the Only Way

This lesson looks at the doctrine that Jesus is the only name given to us by which we must be saved - and the truth that there is only one way to salvation, and that is through the work of Jesus Christ. No other gods or paths will make us right with God.

8: Saved by Grace not Works

This lesson looks at grace as the means to our salvation, not works. Errors in thinking about this doctrine are discussed, including works-based salvation, and systems, rituals and religions of man that it must compete with.

9: The Return and Resurrection

This lesson looks at the doctrine of the promised return of Jesus Christ to earth, and the resurrection of the dead and afterlife.

10: Heaven and Hell

This lesson looks at the concept of the after-life as it is presented in scripture, and why true beliefs in this regard are important, especially as it pertains to evangelism.
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