Discipleship Essentials: Module 8: Forgiveness and Reconciliation

1: The Foundation of Forgiveness

This lesson examines forgiveness as taught in the Bible. This includes God forgiving us, His command that we forgive one another, and the reasons why forgiveness is needed.

2: Healing Hurts

This lesson will examine how the Christian should respond to sins committed against them. It will identify how sin's destructive nature impacts our relationships with others, and the necessary stages of healing.

3: Anger and Pride

This lesson will examine possible barriers in the forgiveness and reconciliation process, and how to overcome these with the help of God. Anger and pride hinder forgiveness, disrupt reconciliation and the unity of God's people.

4: Steps to Reconciliation

This lesson outlines steps to reconciliation between two people or two groups in a community. We will examine the challenges faced in reconciliation, and the problem of offering forgiveness when the other party is not willing or present to accept it.

5: Living at Peace

This lesson focuses on peace, where to find it, and how to maintain it in the context of conflict.

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