Discipleship Essentials: Module 6: Leadership Lifestyle

1: Personal Spiritual Disciplines

This lesson looks at the personal spiritual disciplines that will enable you to effectively lead others, as well as sustain you in times of difficulty.

2: Personal Devotional Life and Worship

This lesson continues the discussion about spiritual disciplines for the leader, specifically a consistent personal devotional life.

3: Public Life of a Spiritual Leader

This lesson looks at the struggles those in spiritual leadership face in public life, including how to manage criticism and conflict, how to serve the public and meet expectations.

4: Managing Family as a Spiritual Leader

The purpose of this lesson is to help spiritual leaders create a healthy balance in their lives between family and ministry.

5: Building and Maintaining Good Relationships

This lesson examines the importance of quality relationships in the leader's life, and how to build and maintain those relationships.

6: Managing Yourself

This lesson looks at the need for leaders to manage their personal lives, including areas that require special attention.

7: Life Calling and the Power of Purpose

This lesson explores the general and specific callings from God, and how we can discern our purpose in the world.

8: Planning a Personal Ministry

This lesson explores how to plan our work for God once we have felt a call to a particular ministry.

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