Discipleship Essentials: Module 1: Exploring Discipleship

1: Introduction to Discipleship

Participants will understand the scriptural principles of discipleship. This will allow them to examine their own life as they prepare to disciple others and the important task of developing relationships.

2: Biblical Call to Make Disciples

This lesson looks at what the Bible teaches us about our responsibility to disciple people, and why it should be a high priority for every Christian.

3: Characteristics of a Disciple of Christ

The purpose of this lesson is to explore what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Participants will learn some essential Biblical characteristics of Jesus' disciples and evaluate their own life in light of these.

4: Follow-Up Methods

The purpose of this lesson is to help participants structure a follow-up appointment with new believers.

5: Values Learned in Discipleship

The purpose of this lesson is to discover the values that produce a strong discipleship relationship, and understand the benefits of this relationship to both people.

6: How to Be a Discipler

The purpose of this lesson is to highlight some errors and successes made in a mentor/disciple relationship. It will also explain how to cultivate a positive relationship.

7: What an Ideal Disciple Looks Like

The purpose of this lesson is to highlight what an ideal discipleship relationship looks like by examining a few case studies.

8: The Discipleship Cycle

The purpose of this lesson is to understand discipleship as a cycle, with the end goal of making new disciples.

9: Multiplying Leaders

This lesson addresses the need to multiply leaders as well as disciples. It will explain why training others in leadership is necessary, and how to effectively prepare someone to become a leader.

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