The Egg in the Monkey Wrench

When we squeeze ideas that claim to be truth, which ones crack?

Why Doesn't Your Remote Control Unlock My Car

Be Careful What You Erase

How Could a Virgin Be a Mother?

Astronomy of Christmas

An Astronaut Averts a Crash

A workaholic learns to cherish his wife and children.

Astronaut Charlie Duke on the Moon

Hazards and humor of flying to the moon.

Progressing Beyond Curiosity

What Truth Have We Found in the Test Tube

Dr: & Mrs. Quicke summarize the dozens of programs they have done, before they relocated to England. Truth in the Test Tube will continue with new voices.

Faith to Be an Atheist

How much faith do you need to be an atheist?

A Scientist Tests God

Patients teach their doctor a valuable lesson.

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