Have you ever been wounded or mistreated? How should you treat someone who wounded you or mistreated you? Pastor Douglas Schroeder provides the answer in this edition of "The Word Today".


What would cause a Christian, or a group of Christians, to keep away for another believer? Pastor Douglas Schroeder shares the answer in today's edition of "The Word Today".


We are going to be talking about Satan today. You know he has caused a lot of difficulty in the lives of the people of God because he is constantly trying to overthrow our faith. He was a rebel against God. You remember that Satan at one point . . .


One of the things that I want to focus on today is the way St. Paul talks about baptism. As a text so that you can look it up and see for yourself what we are discussing here, you can look in the New Testament to St. Paul’s letter to the church at Rome.


Why would an omnipotent God need soldiers? Who are these soldiers? Pastor Doug Schroeder explains the answers in this edition of "The Word Today".


What does it mean to be a saint? What does it mean to be holy? Are you a saint? Pastor Doug Schroeder explains what it means in this edition of "The Word Today".


It is the parable of an owner who had a vineyard and he hired servants to work for him and the time of harvest came. He was a far distance away so he sent one of his servants to the land where the vineyard was in order to get the portion of the harvest that was supposed to be his. When the servant got there, . . .


What makes murder such a hideous sin? How can it be forgiven? Does God have anything to say about murder? Listen to Doug Schroeder share the answer in this edition of "The Word Today".


Do you know where to turn in times of trouble? Where do you turn? To whom do you turn? Pastor Doug Schroeder encourages you to learn who you can trust in this edition of "The Word Today".


While nations often have ambassadors who live in other lands to represent their homeland. Does God have ambassadors? If so, who? Pastor Doug Schroeder answers this question in this edition of "The Word Today".

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