Are you reliable? Do you understand the value of testing and being tested? What does "Way" have to do with that? Listen to Pastor Douglas Schroeder explain it in this edition "The Word Today".


God is compassionate. How so? Let Douglas Schroeder share with you how the God of the universe, the creator is incredibly compassionate in this edition of "The Word Today".


Many lessons can be learned about our relationship with Jesus by studying about a shepherd. How so? Listen to Paul Schroeder share how in this edition of "The Word Today".


The family is under attack, but by whom? Why? The late Paul Schroeder shares what can be done to live pleasing to God and raise your children to please Him.


The "Glory of God" is something hard to grasp as it is far bigger and yet so intricate in minute detail than we can comprehend. How so? Listen to Pastor Doug Schroeder share how in this edition of "The Word Today".


What can be learned from Jesus' ascension?


Did you know that Christians have a huge cheering section rooting for them to be successful in running the race?


How would you answer the excuse for not going to church because there are too many hypocrites in the church?


What should Christians take a stand on? Ralf Stores joins Doug Schroeder in sharing standing in the Lord.


What does it mean to take a stand? What stands should Christians take? Ralf Stores joins Pastor Douglas Schroeder in this episode, addressing the stands of Christians.

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