Growth is an amazing and wonderful thing. It is wodnerful and yet critical in our spiritual life, too. Why does this have to do with Jesus' words to the church at Thyratira? Listen to Pastor Doug Schroeder in "The Word Today".


Why is it that Jesus left us on this earth after saving us? True, Jesus loves us and looks forward to our being in heaven, but why did He leave us on earth after we trusted Him for our salvation?


Will heaven actually be where earth presently is after the earth has been cleansed, so to speak, and refined by God? Will heaven actually be here where earth presently is or will it be a different place? What about those who have passed away?


Some people give much to God. Is God pleased by those who give the most? What pleases God when it comes to giving? Pastor Doug Schroeder answers this question in this edition of "The Word Today".


Did you know that all over the world, Christ knows intimately what Christians are coping with? How so? Pastor Doug Schroeder shares the answer in this episode of "The Word Today".

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