Can you work a deal with God? Does God bargain? Some folks have tried to do that, so how did they do? Can prayer change God's mind? Pastor Douglas Schroeder shares the answers in this edition of "The Word Today".


Live can be full of all kinds of problems and troubles; as a matter of fact I have defined life sometimes as simply saying it is solving problems. Basically, . . .


We are going to be talking about unbelievers today and I want you to use this opportunity as a little check up to see whether or not you understand the unbelievers around you and also to examine your own personal faith in Jesus Christ to see . . .


Pastor Doug Schroeder explores the unique ways the three members of the trinity show their power. Listen in to this edition of "The rod Today" to learn them.

Bethlehem - II

The birthplace of Christ, Bethlehem, is the topic of today's edition of "The Word Today" with Paul Schroeder who traveled to that area of the world.

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