How do we know that God loves the world and sent a savior? Why would the world need a savior and who is that savior? Paul Schroeder tells of Nicodemus and Jesus' conversation in John 3.


What is the call to salvation? To whom is this call given? Pastor Doug Schroeder teaches on God's voting on you, the "Call of Salvation" on this edition of "The Word Today".


Our pride doesn't like for us to admit we are sinners, but why does the Bible teach of our need to be righteous if we were already righteous? Pastor Doug Schroeder shares the answer in this episode of "The Word Today".


In this study of Time from God's point of view, we look at the timing of the Second Coming of Christ as first preached by the late Pastor Paul Schroeder on this edition of "The Word Today".


With God, there is no time; just eternity. But what is God's plan for our future? Are you confused as to the timing of God? The late Paul Schroeder shares on God's timing in this edition of "The Word Today".

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