What is meant in the Bible when the term "Election" is used?


How are leaders really chosen? How is "Election" used in the Bible?


The pastor said he didn't believe Moses divided the waters of the Red Sea. Why would he say such a thing?


The church today still has many who are doubters. Doubting is not the same thing as unbelief, but it still needs to be dealt with. How. Listen to this episode of "The Word Today" to find out how.


In this day of comparison, what does "Supremacy" mean?


What is meant by "context"? Why is it important?


How does God relate to time?


While there is debate as to where the "Transfiguration" took place, but the main point is what happened. What did happen to Jesus when the Bible says was transfigured?


What is one of the most honorable roles a man can play? How can it best be fulfilled?


What does it mean to be "together"? What does it mean in connection to marriage?

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