What is the difference between knowing and trusting? Why would God put a tree in reach of man and then tell them to not touch it? Pastor Doug Schroeder talks about the tree of "Knowledge of Good and Evil" in this edition of "The Word Today".


What is the first symbol which appears at the beginning of the Bible that also shows up in the last chapter of the Bible? Pastor Doug Schroeder answers the question in today's edition of "The Word Today".


The is a spiritual war going on between God and Satan. Does God leave us defenseless? Dr. Paul Schroeder shares the answer in this edition of "The Word Today".


What does God care about music? Is music the least bit important to Him? Is there a hymnbook in the Bible? Dr. Paul Schroeder takes note of music in the Bible in today's edition of "The Word Today".


How easy is it for you to be kind to others? Why did Jesus highlight the actions of the good Samaritan? Pastor Doug Schroeder shares why in today's edition of "The Word Today".


How is it possible to honor God in what you do or do not eat? What does the Noahic covenant come into play in today's world? Would we be healthier if we were all vegetarians? Pastor Doug Schroeder leads the study for this edition of "The Word Today".


What does a shepherd do in caring for the sheep? While you may toss in the idea of protecting them, do you realize what that involves? Dr. Paul Schroeder shares on this topic in today's edition of "The Word Today".


Forgiveness is often desired but infrequently given. Why is that? Paul Schroeder helps you understand this important topic in today's word study on "The Word Today".


Gratitude toward God is greatly illustrated by a man named Jacob. Jacob's name was changed to Israel. Why was he so grateful? Pastor Doug Schroeder tells Jacob's story in this edition of "The Word Today".


Have you ever done something you wish you hadn't? Do you have regrets about it? Do the people in hell have regrets? What can you do with regrets? Doug Schroeder shares what can be done about regrets in this episode of "The Word Today".

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