While nations often have ambassadors who live in other lands to represent their homeland. Does God have ambassadors? If so, who? Pastor Doug Schroeder answers this question in this edition of "The Word Today".




The world around us is filled with evil and corruption and lying and sinning and certainly within the church the people of God who are in a daily repentance before the Lord ought to be living lives that are far more exemplary and far more clearly following the will of God than the world around us. And yet, . . .


The word today is "Slave" and this ancient problem is still a very pertinent issue today. Pastor Douglass Schroeder talks about this painful topic in today's episode of "The Word Today".


Are you curious about the word curious and why it is the "word for the day"? According to Pastor Doug Schroeder in today's episode of "The Word Today", Peter was curious about . . .


There is an incredible day coming, "The Day of the Lord". It also is known as "Judgment Day". Do you know why? Who is the Judge and what is He judging? Listen to Paul Schroeder answer these questions on this edition of "The Word Today".


The devil is real and hates Christians. How much should you fear him? Paul Schroeder shares the answer in this edition of "The Word Today".


When a person has a strong emotional response/ reaction they are said to have a burning passion about something. How does that apply to a Christian? Doug Schroeder shares the answer in this edition of "The Word Today".


He walked on the earth, but was Jesus merely a good man and a good teacher? What do we know about Him? Doug Schroeder proclaims about Jesus in this edition of "The Word Today".


God created sexual love and he intended it to be used within marriage. The problem is that it has so often been used by Satan to corrupt it and to be used outside of marriage which is then evil.

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