Hungering and Thirsting

Have you ever been hungry for a particular food and only that one food will satisfy you? God's word tells about a different kind of hunger that only He can satisfy!

A New Beginning

Turning points and new beginnings are very interesting times of our lives. God created the world in the "real" beginning.

Healthy Eating / God's Love Sets Us Free

Denise, a trained nutritionist, talks about how important it is to have enough iron in our blood. Marli reminds us how much God loves us!


When a child becomes aware that they were adopted, it’s important for them to know they’re not alone...and that you love them just as if they were your own natural child.

Divorce / Jesus' Compassion

Listen as Katharine tells how she suffered as she watched her daughter go through a divorce. Did you know that Jesus feels sad about all the things that cause you pain?

A Mentor for Alicia / The Spirit of Truth

Alicia finds a mentor in Margarita, the woman she is employed to help. She also ends up with much more than she expected!


Waiting seems to be a part of life whether we like it or not. Tita shares how she learned to have the right attitude about waiting and it helped her become a better person.

Rejection / Accepted by God

Listen as Tita tells the story of a woman who learned she is a valuable person. God does not reject us, but accepts us just as He made us--valuable and worthwhile!

Control / God is in Control

Tita tells of her need to control her life and how she learned to let go. She learned to give control to God; He brings us the best for our lives.

Anger and Self Control

Tita tells of her own struggle with anger. As believers in Jesus, we need to choose to allow God’s holy spirit to guide us and help us live our lives without hurting others.

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