Bed Bugs and Other Irritations

Bed bugs are so irritating! Learn how to recognize them and get rid of them. Sometimes people irritate us, too. Learn how to cope with irritating things in our lives.

Hearing Loss

God has given us a wonderful gift--our ears! But sometimes our hearing is affected by illness or other factors. Listen to this program about hearing loss.

Prenatal Care / God as Father

A midwife gives advice for care during a pregnancy. Even before they're born we love our babies so much! God loves us even more. He's like the best mother and father ever.

Giardia / African Martyr

Listen to a program about giardia and other forms of gastroenteritis. And learn about Manche Masemola, an African martyr. A relationship with Jesus is worth any cost.

Handwashing / Giving God our Hands

Listen to a program about the importance of washing our hands. Did you know that God is interested in our hands? He wants us to use our hands to serve him!

Living with an Alcoholic / Your Identity in God

Is there an alcoholic in your family? You can't change how they act, but you might need to stop helping them to stay the way they are. Listen to this helpful and informative program.

Dementia / Talking with God

When talking with someone who has dementia it's good to use words that are not complicated or too long. Thankfully we don't need to use fancy language when talking with God, too!

Family Violence / The Story of Nabal

Domestic violence happens all over the world. Are you suffering with violence in your home? Should you just keep quiet? Keeping it a secret just allows the problem to continue. Instead, get help.

Fevers in Children / God Can Heal Your Heart

A fever in a child is often a sign of infection or illness. Finding the cause and getting their temperature down is important. Included in this program is a message about feeling "sick in your heart".

Raising an Only Child / Sarah's Story

Whether we have one child or ten, we want them to be good and, of course, happy. Listen to a mother talk about having an only child. And, hear Sarah's story.

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